Easy and budget friendly tips to spruce up your Home

January 31, 2020
Tips to spruce up your Home

If you are looking for easy interior design tips, this post is for you as we are focusing on our Home to look beautiful without creating a clutter.

After shifting to our new Home, I always try to find out the easy and budget friendly ways to decorate our Home. Moreover, I don’t want to fill up each and every corner.

So this is How I am sprucing up my Home keeping Minimalism in my mind.

Interior Design Tips I am using for my Home Decor

I am sharing these tips keeping budget in mind. You can easily follow these without spending a buck.


Curtains have become the main aspect of interior designing. They not only helps to regulate the sunlight but provides a touch of elegance.

Choose them according to the rest of your interiors. You can either match them with the color of the walls in the Room or choose them in contrast.

Choose the printed ones to give the cool and breezy feeling. Add the pastels if you wish to give the relaxing and comfortable look.

You can also install double rods where you can add a Sheer Curtain at the back and a thick Curtain at the front. This will give you the option to regulate the sunlight during Day and Night.

I have chosen Blue and White theme for my Living Room


Choose the furniture Fabric according to the interiors of your Room or you can match it with your Curtains if you are getting them stitched.

You can select warm, rich colors, like Blues and Browns as it will make the room look warmer.

Don’t go for printed ones as they won’t be in fashion for long.

Planted greens

Plants add Life to your space without burdening your pocket. Rather than going for artificial ones, choose from the many indoor plants which adds to the beauty and acts as Air Purifiers too.

Palms, Rubber plant, Ferns and Pothos- They do not need much Care and Sunlight.

You can choose Ceramic planters or Plastic ones to match the color with your interiors.

Add Gold

Add a bit of Gold and see the magic.

You can add Golden frames, Antique gold pots, and champagne gold statues or if your space is already full, you can paint old items in Gold to give them a new and classy look.

Carved Frames

Wooden or plastic, carved frames come in all sizes and shapes.

You can add a picture or a mirror or you can hang them blank. They act as a statement piece and are pocket friendly too.

String Lights

Who doesn’t love String Lights. They add bling to the otherwise boring space.

Use it as the backlit of any Picture or around the plant. They are just perfect to lighten up any corner.

Now that I have shared the minimalist interior design tips to spruce up your Home for Spring. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Also, I would love to see the pictures of your Home Sweet Home. Do tag me over Instagram when you share your pictures.

Easy and Budget friendly interior design tips
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