Why we don’t have TV at our Home?

September 13, 2020
effects of television on children

We don’t have Television at our Home. When we shifted to our new house last year, I discussed with my partner about the negative effects of television on children and we both agreed that TV will not find a place in our Home as we have 2 small kids.

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Honestly, being a kid, we loved our TV time as we did not have other options of entertainment. Despite fewer options, we used to enjoy it. But things are different for kids these days as there are more screens in the Home than the number of members.

Effects of television on children

Being a parent to small Kids, I dread TV because of the negative effects of television on children.

Negativity and violence

Be it daily soaps, movies or cartoons there is so much of rage, violence and negativity. How much you avoid it, you cannot prevent your Kid’s tender mind to absorb the same.

Less control over content

There are few programs which I really find good but you don’t have much control over what Kids watch. You can’t make Kids sit without handing them remote control and watch whatever you want them to. Even if you can, you cannot control the content. The other day at my in-laws, I noticed an adult advertisement over a cartoon channel. Strange!

Unwanted commercials

Whatever channel you switch to, there are more commercials than the program itself. With small Kids at Home, I find these commercials too annoying because they target Kids as their marketing gimmick to buy their stupid products. Moreover, watching TV is just a waste of time due to these commercials.

It’s not Voice but Noise

Heated debates, unwanted advertisements, gender stereotypes, vulgar slang words. These all things are too irritating to be ignored.


Even when Kids are not sitting in front of TV and it’s someone’s else turn, their senses still still to it and mind gets distracted which is not good. As per the studies, media is the topmost distraction that does not let children focus or concentrate on their tasks or study.

So, cable or dish TV will never find a place in our Home due to all these reasons.

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Why you should not have TV at your Home due to the negative effects of television on children.

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