Love for so called Sad songs

April 9, 2017
emotional sad music

My first tryst with slow-moving emotional sad music was back to my childhood when my Mother used to hum or listen them on the audio tape recorder.

I used to hate them for the pace they move at. And then one day I started loving them out of my Mother’s surprise. She smiled mischievously as if she sensed something.

The love for those songs never left me since then.

I was wrong as I assumed that make you sad but the truth is listening to Sad music makes you happy.

These so called Sad songs always sooth me and give me time to rewind, unlike upbeat songs.

Being sad is an emotion we should not ignore but let it stand until it goes by itself. Research has suggested that sad music plays a role in emotional regulation. It evokes one of the pleasant emotions; Nostalgia

We love the songs which we can better relate with. This is why we feel content listening to sad music when depressed. Listener is able to connect with the lyrics and relate their own pain with the others due to experiences of rejection, loss, unrequited love, misfortune.

They remind us that sorrow is an integral part of life and its better to accept it, face it right on the face rather than running away from it. Emotional sad music acts as a venting system.


One day I met a little Girl who was sitting alone with a sad face. I asked her what she was sad. She replied “Just like that, no reason”. I programmatically said that its not good to be sad and her next reply made me realize the truth-
“Why? Why can’t I be sad without any reason, for a while? Why everyone always ask me to smile all the time. I feel good to be sad sometimes.”

Such a thoughtful and mature reply from a  Little girl brought me closer to the truth- Sadness is just an another emotion. Its OK to be Sad sometimes, until its harmless. It’s normal and healthy to not be happy all the time.

But certainly, holding certain emotions back is unhealthy.

Sad songs help us to console ourselves and teach us to self-heal and make us feel that we are not alone feeling this way.

It very much resembles with self-justification theory; when a person becomes depressed like to be supported and to feel that they are right and sad songs does exactly that.

When everything is going wrong, there’s nothing like listening to your favorite sad song.

The Music era which was once marked with the presence of legends like Lata Mangeshkar and Udit Narayan, started welcoming new singers- One of them is . Listening to Arijit Singh Songs instantly connect me with the Music.

Moreover,these songs get you through the times when you don’t think its reasonable to bother your loved ones, when you are lonely and you miss someone, when you feel like cherishing some memories and through those mood swings!

We don’t need Therapists, rather we need good emotional sad Music.

This is a sponsored post but all reviews are mine.
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