We are evolving and thus the Fashion

March 5, 2017
evolving fashion

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Weddings these days are not restricted to specific part of the year. Not only “Bride” and “Groom” but everyone seeks something different for every occasion.

This becomes a hefty task when everyone is busy with their demanding Jobs these days. Lack of time, traffic chaos and over-populated malls makes shopping difficult. Online shopping comes as a rescue where options are always more.

Women rule the fashion world; there is so much to choose from. From dress to accessories, from shoes to purses- we look for matching.

Craftsvilla offers varied range for , Dresses, etc- You can hit a wedding, a dinner party or a formal dinner or reception with added gleam and elegance.

They added an Indian touch to the gowns known for its elegance. No wonder why Indo-western is so in these days with women of every age.

Evolving Us, Evolving Fashion

Why leaving our traditions behind when they not boring but chic and trendy -Nose rings are being considered as an essential accessory for women in India but it has taken a backseat with time. I always like these tiny pieces of Jewellery when I see my Mother adoring these.

They are also evolved with time and thankfully the tedious locking system is also gone. They are now available for every face shape and Occasion.

They are not limited to married women which were once a symbol for them nor are they bound by region or religion- they give us the liberty to carry forward the tradition of yesterday with a touch of modern savvy.

Though my favorite is the Nose ring with Maharashtrian look, they come in every shape and size to suit the varied tastes- round silver pins, to solitaires, pearls studded, nose pins in gold with colored stones.

This is a sponsored post for Craftsvilla but the reviews are mine.

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