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January 3, 2018
safe mosquito repellent

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I always prefer Home remedies when it comes to Health but when it’s about the mosquito bite, I do not prefer to take a chance.

While at Home, you can use Mosquito Killers or Traps and make Indoors a safe place.

But what about outdoors, where we spend more than half of our day.


Moreover, mosquito-associated fevers like Dengue, Malaria and, Chikungunya are on a high these days.

When its the choice about safe mosquito repellent for Kids, I trust Good knight.


Mosquito Repellant products from Good knight


Good knight Cool Gel

It’s a mosquito repellent aloe gel which is safe for Babies and Toddlers.

Being a Mother of a toddler, I can safely use it for him as the gel is:


The 50g tube is priced at 75 rupees and the 14g reusable sachet is priced at 20 rupees.


Apply the gel to the open areas of the body including Arms, Face, and Legs.

Note– Avoid applying the gel to mouth, lips, eyes and over cuts or wounds.



Being a working mother, my kiddo stays out of home for more than 7 hours. While out, I cannot control the environmental factors but yes, I can secure him from the risks of mosquito bites.

He might play in the dirty water, he might go near the bushes and plants.

But I feel relaxed when he is safe.


Good knight Patches

Patches are my personal favorite when I need to choose .

They are less fragrant which ensure more comfort. Moreover, these patches come in interesting design with Chhota Bheem character which is popular among Kids.


Pack of 14 patches is priced at Rs. 75 and Pack of 30 is priced at Rs. 160, which is less when compared to others available in the market.


These can be pasted on baby’s clothes, prams, cots, strollers, and cradles.



Ingredients of the products:

  • Diethylbenzamide or DEBA which keeps you protected from mosquitoes by masking your body odour which mosquitoes are attracted to.
  • Citronella and eucalyptus oil.


Disclaimer : The information provided here is for awareness purpose and should not be conisdered as professional medical consultation. This is a sponsored post but all reviews are mine.


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