How exercise can ensure fitness during pregnancy?

July 18, 2018
fitness during pregnancy

Never in my both pregnancies I faced swelling, nausea or suffered from vomiting. There are 2 things which helped me- Eating Right and proper Fitness regime.

Today we have Akansha Bansal from Budding Star sharing her thoughts on how fitness during pregnancy is crucial for a Mom-to-be and the Baby.

While what we eat during the pregnancy helps us to ensure the right nutrition but maintaining fitness during pregnancy is also vital to keep you and your baby healthy. A regular exercise during your pregnancy can minimize the common discomforts like fatigue and backache. According to studies, staying fit during pregnancy can prevent gestational diabetes, reduce stress and makes the body flexible for normal delivery.

If you are doing exercise even before the conception, then it is good to continue, and if you are planning then staying fit or doing exercise is beneficial for your planning too.

Remember; do exercise at your comfort level when you are pregnant. Try low-level impact exercises than the higher level of Aerobics. Always consult your obstetrician and discuss your fitness level.


Any exercise should be done to ensure fitness during pregnancy and not with the intention to lose weight.


When to avoid exercise during pregnancy?

Exercise should be avoided if an expectant mother has a medical problem like Asthma or Diabetes. Even exercise is not healthy in a condition when you observe any bleeding, previous premature childbirth history or a weak cervix.

Hence it is good to know about your health condition from your doctor before starting any fitness regime.


How to stay fit during pregnancy?

The best way to stay fit during pregnancy is to exercise. The safest exercise is the gentle walk in a daily routine.

A daily walk benefits the entire body and can be continued until the childbirth. In addition, the basic household chores are also considered to be good during pregnancy. This keeps an expectant mother physically active and flexible.

Information and the guidance on length and the duration of any physical exercise should be taken from a certified fitness instructor.


Prevention to be taken during exercise

  • Never hold your breath during any exercise.
  • Do not perform any high-risk activity.
  • Avoid playing contact sports like basketball or volleyball as it involves falling due to imbalance.
  • Avoid full sit-ups, skipping and bouncing.
  • Exercises which involves waist twisting while standing.
  • Heavyweight lifting.


When to restart exercise post-delivery?

Every woman wants to be back in shape after the childbirth. However, before starting any fitness workout session, take down the recommendation of your doctor. The body after the childbirth needs some good time to get healed internally as it goes an excessive change during pregnancy as well as during the childbirth.

Ideally, it is good to start exercise after 4 weeks if you have undergone a normal vaginal delivery. And if you have delivered through cesarean delivery then it is good to give 8 weeks of proper rest to your body to re-start exercising.

Do not overdo any physical activity. Understand your health condition first and stay healthy. Drink plenty of water and take rest.

Disclaimer: The content in this post is purely for educational purpose and should not be substituted for professional medical advice.

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