Don’t let their gender become the hindrance in the learning

May 7, 2019
gender roles

Gender roles are ingrained in our social system and this affects the learning to the extent that Girls and Boys are raised believing that they can’t do the other’s Job better.

We, Parents, are our Kid’s role models and they believe everything we try to teach them. This is why we should be extra careful while raising them.

Its our duty to not let their Gender become a hindrance in their way of learning. No work at Home should be defined and must be equally shared by everyone.

Thanks to Ariel who is bringing the revolution with their #ShareTheLoad movement.

gender roles

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Kids are always willing and happy to help. It is us who stop them and hinder their learning.

I never say No to my Son whenever he offers me help. Of course, his help won’t lessen my workload but yes, it will help him gain the confidence that his presence matters.

If, we, as Parents, won’t help them learn their potential they will grow up believing that they can’t do it better.

Like our previous generations, don’t stop them saying- It’s not your Job. It will not make them any good but affect their future when they leave your protected nest.

Why we should not define gender roles and let Kids do the household chores

  • Engaging in the chores is also the best way to take the break from their busy study schedule.
  • Its better than sitting in front of the screens- TV or mobile
  • It teaches them Life lessons
  • It will boost their confidence
  • It will prove that their presence in the house matters
  • It will help Mothers to have a helping hand and they will not feel burned out

Tips for Parents to involve Kids in the chores

  • Do not lose your patience if they make a mess. Ignore the mess while they are helping you.
  • Start small. Give them small responsibilities and start with easy tasks suitable for their age.
  • Praise them after the work is done. Appreciation matters.
  • Tell them how their help made a difference. For example, You got some free time for your work or for your walk.

Gender roles will not dissolve until we talk about it. Be a role model for your friends and family.

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda.

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