Is there a perfect recipe for a happy childhood?

April 15, 2018
How to have a happy childhood

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One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is having a happy childhood.

~ Agatha Christie


A happy childhood is something I was blessed with and now I wish the same for my Kid too. But how to ensure this?

Happy memories create a happy childhood. So, being a Parent, it’s our responsibility to create happy memories for them, to cherish.

There is no perfect recipe for a happy childhood but there are few things that we as Parents can ensure while raising them.



Happy Parents make happy Kids.

Kids feel good when their Parents are a happy couple. Yes, this is true. I can see my Kid’s eyes shine when my Husband and I laugh together.

Kids sense the emotions. So, if you are really happy you need not work much on creating happy Kids. My Toddler was not used to welcome each day with a smile. But when we modeled the same for him i.e. greeting each other smiling and loud, he now imitates the same.

A happy Home has the power to shift their mood from a grumpy to a joyful one.



I bet, you must cherish the childhood time you spent at your cousin’s place or at Grandparent’s House.

Kids feel good to connect, they love being social, they grow more when they emotionally connect with more people.

Take them out, help them connect with other family members, friends, neighbors, daycare providers, to pets. Help them learn to be kind and compassionate.


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Kids spell love with time. However, our time is something Kids wish for but rather than just having them around is not enough. Spending quality time together is a must.

I always remember the time my Father and Mother used to take us out and play with us.

There are so many things a family can enjoy together- Outdoor or Indoor games, Painting, Fishing, Swimming, Cooking, Baking. Even if they are small for an activity, they will enjoy the participation.

My Toddler takes out the Carrom Board/ Snake and Ladder board every night and asks us to play with him. Though it’s not the real game, he invented his own version and we loved it because it makes him smile.



Do not put conditions on your Love for them be it their marks or good manners.

Of course, you love them but you need to make them believe that you will always love them irrespective of anything.

Give them daily Hugs and cuddle them as pampering is important for their emotional growth.

ReadHow hugs heal us.

Memories of toys, gifts, test scores fade away with time but the feelings of trust, comfort, reassurance, and love remain fresh throughout the lifetime.



Appreciate their activities once a while- Building the blocks or making a clay figure. This may be a small thing for you but for them, this is very important.

Kids love being appreciated in front of someone. They may not win a game or a competition but they will remember your feedback for a lifetime. Make it a sweet memory for them.

Do not compare them to others. This not only reduces their confidence but also breeds jealousy.

Appreciate them for their efforts, for who they are and not what they achieved.



Listen to their stories, how meaningless they may sound but for them, these stories are their way of communication.

Talk to them each day. How did their day go? What they liked or disliked? What made them feel happy? Who did they meet?

This will help them believe that you are always there for them which enhances happiness.



Allow children to be who they are. Respect their feelings, tastes, and ideas.

Do not ask them to stop being childish or silly. Let them be Kids.

You will wonder how time flew away and they are no more sharing their stories with you. Cherish the time while they are still children.



Last but most important, teach them to be grateful for everything they have and for everyone around them.

Read- Teaching Kindness to Kids

Make it a regular habit. Take out some time (before or after meals, during bedtime) to ask them what they are thankful for in a day.

Once they develop an attitude of Gratitude, they will be happy human beings.


However, we all wish for happy Kids but do not try to put them in a bubble and grant their each and every wish to make them happy. Let them be sad, frustrated and bored. Let them find a solution on their own.

We have asked Mothers about the memories that make their childhood a happy one and all the answers include a common thing- time spent with family and parent’s unconditional love. Here is what they said-


Shalu from “Zindagi-A Dream By SRV” Blog

We always had the privilege to get things first as it hit the market, be it any fruit (especially mangoes) or any new movie or every week outing was fixed with mom and dad. My dad got colored television for us as he knew I loved dancing. Taking us to movies, fairs, garden, relatives everywhere and it was really fun. Moments which I can never forget may include when my dad use to ask me questions from my science book and I always answered before he finished asking. This may be nothing but he felt always proud that in his absence too, his kids are doing great.


Kriti from “Kriti’s Creative Shares” Blog

My childhood was colorful because of the stories which my mother told me every day used to be very very excited for the bedtime because it was the most fun part of my day. We lived in a joint family and we were five brothers and sisters. And summer holidays were the time which made us go crazy. Roaming around all day in the sun, Returning home dead tired, Giggling till midnight and Watching movies. Family activities we used to enjoy together like Washing wheat to get it ground or cleaning the house or those big bulky blankets.


Varsha from “A Vibrant Palette” Blog

My vacations at my Aunt’s place.

Our neighbors were like extended family for us and I learned many things from them.



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  • Reply Donna Merrill May 15, 2018 at 1:14 pm

    Hey Agatha,

    It great to be reading your post again. It’s always the best efforts you have put into your content.
    By the way, Happy Parents make Happy kids, that’s perfectly true, the environment and positive energy does a lot good to our kids.

    ~ Donna

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