How did I get to know that my Kid is highly sensitive?

July 23, 2018
highly sensitive child symptoms

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Does your Kid cry more rather than enjoying the things? If you are nodding your head then I know how it feels because I am parenting one such little human.

Your Kid may be highly sensitive. It’s not a bad quality but just a trait which needs to be handled with care.

I am sharing a few highly sensitive child symptoms I noticed in my Kid. Check out to see if you can relate to it.


Signs that helped me to find that my Kid is sensitive: Highly sensitive child symptoms

Crying, yelling and tantrums are the part of their growing. Toddlers are best at that. But you need to watch their activities closely to know if they are sensitive or not.

I did not label my Kid as sensitive until I found few things or symptoms.



My Kid not only likes sharing his belongings but also shows disapproval sharing our Love.

He wants other Kids to come Home and play with him but after a few minutes of sharing his toys, he snatches away his toys, yells or orders the other Kid to go back Home. He cannot accept when he sees Me loving other Kids.

Of course, I feel bad and tried to explain to him about sharing and all. I stopped calling Kids at Home to play with his toys as it was not only making him irritated but it was making ME uncomfortable too. Rather, I take him out to play with other Kids which does not involve any toy.

Now, It’s really wonderful to see him playing without stressing over his belongings.



I am not sure how it gets started but I found people who irritate him saying “I will take your toy” or “You are small” and now when he has a sibling “We will take your Sister”.

I do not see any problem with my Kid here because he is small to differentiate between the real teasing/bullying and teasing for fun. But I really wonder what is the problem with these adults who feels the joy of making the Kid agitated.

I ask my Kid to calm down and tell him that they are just kidding. But if that does not work, I try to avoid those people or ask them politely not to say something like this.



How easy it is for us to say “NO” to these little ones but like most of his agemates, he doesn’t accept NO easily and try to throw the best of his tantrums.

Rather than saying a clear No for something, I try to distract him with some other thing or remind him of his favorite activities or outing.

It helps him forget the current scenario and calm him down.



My Kid loves playing with Blocks and making shapes out of it. But when something does not go the way he wants, he gets irritated, starts wailing and throws away the toys.

He does the same while coloring or while doing any activity which is not going as per his wish.

I repeat this everytime he does that-“No problem. We will try it again” and now mostly he himself says “No problem Mumma. We will do it again”



Whenever we take him out in the park, he runs towards the swings enthusiastically but when he finds other Kids taking the swing, he seems reluctant to go.

He starts making excuses and asks for the ride which is not occupied by anyone.

We tell him that these swings are not only ours and they must be shared by everyone. Sometimes he understands, sometimes he doesn’t.



He starts crying first when he needs something or lose a game.

The first thing I used to say when I see him crying over a small thing was “Do not cry” but it did not help. It made him cry more.

I discussed it with my Mother and she said: “Don’t do anything when he cries unreasonably, Just Hug him” and then ask politely- What does he want? I must tell you- It works most of the times.



I have seen the Kids of his age who plays independently inside the society premises i.e. without accompanied by their Parents.

But my Kid does not like to go alone and always wants someone from the Family around him.


I was doing a mistake– I was resisting his behavior and was trying to modify him which was not doing any good. It was exhausting for me too. Now I take care not to hurt his sentiments and try to accept him the way he is.

After all, sensitivity is not something that needs to be rejected but accepted with Love.

While we cannot modify their basic nature but all we can do is to accept them with Love and you will notice them becoming less sensitive with time.

Check out- Quiz to know if Your Child is Highly Sensitive?

HOW DO YOU HANDLE YOUR SENSITIVE KID? Share your tips with us.

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  • Reply Vishal Bheeroo July 26, 2018 at 3:30 pm

    Acceptance is the way to embrace your child as he is. Good of you to share about your sensitive boy and am sure many parents will learn through your approach. Not all children are same and it’s good he has a voice who refuse to be cowed down. I am sure as a parent you are making the changes as you see fit. I was quite similar in more than way as a kid, like problem expressing myself and still face it…hehe

  • Reply Brittany July 24, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    My daughter is very sensitive too. While my boys can take redirection, she gets upset. We don’t have to reprimand her very much, but if she misunderstands us or thinks someone is teasing her, she will find a place to hide and cry. Lately, though, she has become such a diva. She’ll stomp up the stairs and scream and cry to let us know how displeased she is. My husband says to let her cry it out so she knows that we won’t cave into any demands because it sometimes feels like a hostage situation, while I want to go and clarify to her that things weren’t meant the way that they were said or done… and sometimes it goes the other way around depending on how diva-ish I’m feeling. The contrast between our kids characters is so different, while the boys shake it off, she holds on to it. It can be tough. Stay strong mama!

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