Life in a hospital:To get real meaning of Life

September 27, 2015

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After spending few days in a Hospital while my Tayiji (Elder Aunt) was admitted, I got a chance to experience Hospital life more deeply. I wanted to share my views. So, I decided to write about it.

First thing comes to your mind about Hospital life is…Gloomy! Yes, you are right and its because everyone is in pain….Mental or Physical.

Being in Hospital, one can feel what a patient is going through:

Their pain… Their healing experience…Their fight within…Their wish to live more..Their struggle to live a normal life.


This is where you observe life-or-death situations. People arrive in vain and sometimes, there are only few minutes to spare one’s life.

People cry, rush, scream and pray in agony.

After watching others in grief and struggling with life, I thanked God and remember the phrase in punjabi “Nanak dukhiya sab sansaar, so sukhiya jis naam adhaar” which means –

This whole world is ridden with Sorrow.But a person who prays to God through faith can feel the true happiness !!


The patient-doctor conversation plays very important role in the healing path but sadly, it gets very little attention.
Sometimes, Doctors are seen reluctant to hear their patients. It may be because:

they are over busy

they do not want emotions to overcome them

they want to avoid patient’s repetitive and unreasonable questions

Note: By above, I do not want to offend anyone. It is only what I felt while I was experiencing the life in a hospital.


There is a one who stay with the patient and plays role of middleman between patient and Doctor.
This person has to be high in positivity and to be on their toes always as they has to collect reports from various departments, bring food, attend visitors and other routine tasks.

Each one of us make sacrifices for our loved ones but there are some who sacrifice their lives for the unknown.

Some offer Langars outside hospital premises.

Some help them completing the hospital formalities.

Some provides monetary help.

Some offer last rites to the unknown and unclaimed.

We normally pray never to seek Hospital but we should spend 1 day in Hospital life once in a lifetime. This is necessary to get the real picture of life.

Nearly everyone needs help at some point in their lives. We should accept this and should help the one in need today to expect help from someone when we will be in need.


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