How to Declutter your Home- Creative ways to get it done

March 21, 2020
how to declutter your home

If you are looking for the ways on How to declutter your Home, this post will give you the idea on how and where to begin without feeling the burden.

A messy home can affect your health – whether or not you believe this to be true, it actually holds a lot of value. Most of the time, people find it quite hard to let go of things they are hoarding for years. They might believe that the items hold sentimental value, or some intrinsic value, which is difficult for them to part with.

But the more stuff you have, the more you have to clean!

Decluttering every once in a while is actually a great exercise for both your home as well as your mind. Letting go of old things and making space in your home can be really therapeutic.

But getting to the actual task of decluttering can be quite bothersome, right?

In that case, you need to find some creative ways to declutter – so that it feels like a game and not a chore. If you follow some basic rules, decluttering can be fun.

So, Let’s begin! How to declutter your Home creatively

Time yourself and create zones

Schedule a time for yourself daily, where you will get to the task of decluttering. You can use either zone in on one particular area every day, or zone in on a room per day.

Example: Day 1 – Clean your bookshelves.

For this task, begin by sorting out which books you wish to keep, and which ones you would like to donate. Have a box or a bag where you can put in all these books, which will go for donation. Now, schedule yourself 20 minutes (or choose your own time). For these 20 minutes, spend the first day sorting out the books for donation and keep them aside. For the second day, sort out the books you want to keep and organize them. For day three, clean the actual books and bookcase of dust, disinfect it, and put the books back.

This is how you can complete decluttering your home, zone by zone, per day, within a schedule.

Create 3 zones for closet cleaning

Cleaning out your closet can be quite an overwhelming task. It is also a time consuming one, so make sure you have enough time and energy on your hands, or take the help of a friend, or even a maid, to help you with this task.

Empty out your entire closet. Yes, this doesn’t sound very comforting, but it is the only way to really declutter your closet in the best way possible.

Surely, you will find a lot of hidden treasures that come out in between your clothes. Maybe loose change, perhaps an accessory you thought you lost months ago. Keep those aside and concentrate on the sorting and decluttering first.

Maintain 3 zones for all your clothes:

  • Clothes you want to keep
  • Clothes you want to throw away
  • Clothes you want to donate

Assess all your clothes accurately and be honest with yourself about which ones you really think you will wear again, and which ones you can or should part with. This is why it can help to have a second pair of hands and eyes to help you part with some things!

Once you sort out the three zones, clean out your cupboard space, and begin putting your clothes back in their place. You can organize them differently – either by color, or by season, or by the kind of clothes they are (pants on one side, dresses on another, tank tops in another, etc.)

Make the entire activity fun so that you don’t dread doing it the next time around!

Use label makers

Yes, not everyone is an OCD freak. But it can be so much fun to make labels with a label maker and put things in their right places! You won’t know until you try it!

Start off with a zone again – either your kitchen or your bathroom. Now, target one cabinet at a time. Let’s say you start off with your spice rack. Get a couple of clear containers, and put your spices in them one by one. Now, bring out your handy dandy label maker and label each container!

Now only does it look brand new, but it is also so much more convenient for when you are looking for just the right space for your dishes.

You can do the same with your bathroom supplies. Bring out some large containers, and place your cleaning supplies in them. Throw away whatever is not necessary, and keep the rest. Do the same for bathroom appliances, your towel rack, your toiletries, etc. If you get rid of the mess in your bathroom – the less chance to accidentally drop something in your toilet bowl

Follow the rule of three

You will notice that a lot of the decluttering ideas follow the number 3. This is probably because 3 items are easy to handle and will not overwhelm you.

The next rule of 3 applies to your closet and shelves. When you are stocking items inside cabinets, drawers, and open shelves, it can be easy to start stocking unnecessary things just because you see ‘a little bit of space left,’ which you inevitably end up cramping up.

This makes your spaces look messier and also makes it harder to clean.

When organizing your spaces, keep to the rule of three – keep just 3 items per shelf, per drawer, and per cabinet.

Example – Shelf number 1 can have a vase with a plant, a clock, and maybe any other decorative item you want to keep. But no more than 3 items per shelf. Do the same with shelf number 2, etc.

Same for your drawers – it helps you keep the junk under control and also lets you have a ‘theme’ for each space. This makes it easier for you to find items when you are looking for them in a hurry!

You can always involve the kids in decluttering your home.

The one thing to remember when you are decluttering is – you need to be brutal.

You cannot hold on to items just because they meant something to you at some point in time. You need to be able to throw away things to make space in your home.

Keep in mind that the lesser items you have, the less stress and cleaning you need to do. So start decluttering – guilt-free!

How to declutter your home creatively
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