How to introduce your Kids to Thanksgiving?

November 22, 2018
thanksgiving celebration

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Thanksgiving is not only a festival but a tradition which should be passed from generation to generation.


Historically, Thanksgiving is a harvest festival.

We should introduce Toddlers and Kids to this festival which is about giving thanks to the ones who are involved in putting our food to the plate.

Farmers who grow the crops.
The person who brings the food Home.
The person who cooks it for us.


Tell them the significance behind

Tell them why behind the festival.

Read them the history: Source- Wiki

Back in 1621, this Harvest festival was observed by the Pilgrims at Plymouth, where the settlers held a harvest feast after a successful growing season.

To make it more exciting, weave a story as it makes even the smaller Kids curious.


Family Time

Make it a Family time.

Rather than watching TV or going out to the market, invite your loved ones over your place. Celebrate the togetherness.

Have a meal together where you all fold your hands to pray and thank Almighty for the lovely food.

Rather than you inviting your closed ones to your place, ask your Kids to make the calls or write invitations.


Show them the power of giving

Let the Kids know that we have enough and God has given us a chance to serve others.

Involve the Kids in charity. Ask them to choose the things they wish to donate.

Its a sight to see every Kid excitingly coming up with the different list of things.


Spark their creativity

Kids love to go creative and Thanksgiving celebration is the perfect time to do some fun things together.

Write Thank you cards.

Involve them in making the decorations.

Ask them to set the table.


Turn the table

This is something you can do with big Kids.

Step back and ask your Kid to plan the celebrations this year. They will definitely bring some fresh unique ideas.

Appreciate their ideas and help them in putting them into action.


Ask them what they are grateful for

Though it should be a daily routine but listing the things they are grateful for is something you can’t miss on Thanksgiving Day.

Let them express thankfulness by honoring the people and occasions in their lives they’re grateful for.


Check outAn easy App to make Gratitude a fun habit

How do you involve your Kids in the Thanksgiving celebration?


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  • Reply Vishal Bheeroo November 22, 2018 at 6:17 pm

    An interesting post how to make Thanksgiving an inherent part of our daily life. The creative aspect in inculcating among kids is very interesting!

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