Kids getting Dirty are rare species- Let them not extinct

July 30, 2018
kids getting dirty

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Kids playing outdoors and Kids getting dirty has become a rare scene. No wonder when a guy who noticed my Son playing and rolling in the stones and sand lying out in one corner of the Park, started recording him.

I was not surprised but my Son was. He asked me “Mumma, why he was making a video of mine”

I said to myself “because Kids like you are endangered species” and smiled back.


Are Screens the only culprit or we are also responsible?

We cannot shun the screen devices completely but we can control their use and put a limit on these. After all, we are Parents and we have to do something about it. Parenting comes with huge responsibility and it’s our duty to help them to set limits.

But it won’t be possible until we set limits on our usage of devices and screens.


Kids follow our steps and not our words.


Earlier, I thought its only a few Kids who love to play outdoors and getting dirty. But No, is not that. Every Kid loves Outdoors and Messy play.

While my Kid pays with the sand, other Kids watch him with curious eyes as if they also wish to join but cannot.  Kids are either accompanied by adults who stop them or others are made to believe that it’s not good to play with sand and get dirty.


Not only Kids but adults too stop to notice him. They look at him and then they look at me, sitting close to him answering his curious questions. I love to see him play independently- No distractions, no toys, just fun. Allow your Kids to get dirty.


As they say “Children need microbes, not antibiotics to develop immunity.”


Lack of dirty play may result in food allergies later in Life and this could also be a reason for Asthma and Eczema.

Let them do what they are best at; getting dirty and they will grow into more strong and confident humans.



  • Take them to a Park where they can explore Nature– insects, plants, soil, flowers, stones, sticks etc. Give them a shovel and a small packet to collect their favorite hunt.
  • Take them out after a rainy day and let them jump in puddles.
  • Let them play in the mud.
  • Let them play in the heap of gravel.

If you do not have the privilege to go outdoors- set something indoors

  • Gardening is the perfect way to engage them at Home.
  • Build them a Sandbox (Filled with child-friendly, non-toxic sand).
  • Messy play using colors


Also, ReadHow Messy play is important for Kids.


WHAT DOES YOU FEEL? Do you support kids getting dirty?

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  • Reply Vishal Bheeroo September 26, 2018 at 9:33 am

    Kids playing in the open and surrounded by real people is the real deal, according to me, in the age of gizmos and something many parents must wake up too. Getting dirty makes a child less vulnerable to illness as well. Glad that as a parent you let your child get dirty!

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