Giving a fresh look to special part of our lives- How to paint mirror

June 22, 2016
how to paint mirror

Hello to all the wonderful people who have shown their Love and spared their Time reading my posts.

Thanks to all the inspirational reads during this Blogging journey which inspired me revive my lost passion.

This would be my very first post in DIY section.

I started retouching things at my Home – things which got tarnished with time, things which are no more eye-candies and things which I can put to good use.

I love to make faces looking into the Mirror and so does my Son. I feel its inherited.

My Bathroom Mirror is a special part of our lives- We look at each other, We make funny faces, We end up laughing.

So, I decided to give it a fresh look. Here I go.


  • Mirror Surface-Horizontal preferably
  • Glass Colours
  • Rubbing alcohol (Surgical Spirit)
  • Free hand drawing
  • Black out-liner
  • Glue Gun
  • Marbles and Shells

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STEP 1 – Choose the drawing

I wanted Blue colour so I have chosen water waves to complement the Bathroom look. Moreover, its a free hand drawing and need not to be precise.

Being a beginner, I have opted for Water based glass colors.

STEP 2- Clean the surface and Let it dry

I have used spirit to clean the surface to ensure its free from any dirt which could spoil the fun.

STEP 3- Draw the outlines with Black liner

Use a liner color tube to draw the outlines. Test the flow first on a paper.

When applying the outline, start at the left upper corner of the item (if you are right handed) and move from top to bottom to ensure your arms and hand do not touch the wet paint. If you make a mistake, do not wipe the paint, as it will smear. Instead, move on with your outline; once the outline is fully dried, you can scrape mistakes off with a craft knife.

After its done, remove the nozzle and place the cap again.

Allow it to try for 6-8 hours.

STEP 4- Fill colors

I wasn’t aware of the challenges while painting a vertical surface before starting off until my paint dripped down.

Read the instructions on the glass paint you purchased before starting.

  • Tilt and press the tube lightly to apply the color. You can use painting brush or sponge too for even look.
  • Use less quantity of color at the bottom.
  • Color in swirls.
  • Even them using toothpick back while it is still wet.
  • Use hair dryer (cool mode) to set the paint if its too runny – optional

STEP 5- Let the colors dry and paste the Marbles

Plugin the glue gun and wait for at-least 5 mins. Decide the places where you want to place the stones.

Apply the right amount of glue at the backside of stones and place it firmly on the mirror. Hold it for few seconds and its done.

You can paste the embellishments right onto the wet paint too but using glue gun makes it more sturdy.

how to paint mirror

how to paint mirror

Now when you have learned how to paint mirror, get set and add some personal touch to your Mirrors and Window Glass Panes. Its easy.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask. I would love to hear the feedback on my first attempt 😉

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Watch out next Wednesday- How to decoupage Plastic spoon stand

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  • Reply Rajlakshmi July 26, 2016 at 9:44 am

    This looks so cute… awesome idea 🙂

    • Reply upasna July 26, 2016 at 10:42 am

      Thanks Rajlakshmi….Loved how you captured raindrops
      You must try this. You will fall in love with your mirrors.

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