March 14, 2016
let it go

Thanks to all who make me – Let it go

Losing a precious thing is hurtful, it makes your mind numb.

You enter a vicious circle where Hope and Quitting follow each other. You stroll your cupboards, your drawers, your handbags with no luck but only a hope. And If the lost thing was gifted, the pain is even more.

Last week I lost a Bracelet, gifted by my Mother. The price and love attached with it was making me dig for it, Day and Night.

Now, Its more than 1 week and I am starting losing Hope exponentially, which was high until I ended up searching every nook and corner of the house.




It was so difficult to reveal this to my Mom. I could not imagine her sad heart but then, I gained some courage.

She must be sad, I know, but she did not frown even once and listened to my words patiently. She consoled me and all the pain was gone…It just vanished.

Now, I am taming my heart to let it go and detaching myself from it telling myself “It was never mine. It must belong to someone else.”

Thankfully, it was a THING(materialistic) and this only fact helped me in accepting the truth. Money can buy it back to me. Would it be something Money can’t buy, the loss would be forever itched in heart.

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When we feel we possess something, things fall apart to help us grow strong and more mature. After all, this is where the learning is.

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