An open diary of a Mom whose Kid is infamous

March 25, 2019
Letter by a Mother of a naughty Kid

This post “Mother of a naughty kid” is my personal experience of being a mother to a Toddler who is as naughty as he is wise, as notorious as he is honest, as loud as he is sensitive and as rude as he is caring.

Who does not want their Kid to be famous?

But to be famous for the bad behavior is something no Parent ever wish for. We all want well-behaved children who obey every instruction from their Parents and Teachers.

We all dream of an ideal child who behaves well, eats well, sleeps well, study well and what not.

Do we want well-tamed children or well-trained children?

Being a Mother to a Kid who does not comply with these set definitions of a good child or more accurately an OBEDIENT child, is not easy.

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When he was heading to 3, he began throwing temper tantrums. His unfriendly behavior brought complaints from School and other Parents. He stlill struggles to follow the Teacher’s instructions and make friends

Thankfully, his Pre-school teachers and Principal were so supportive that they assured me he is just going through a tough time of transition.

Earlier I used to take it so personally that it left me in tears. I used to take it as a parenting fail. I thought of seeing a counselor. Even we took him once but she said that your Kid is too small to understand anything. All you can do is to be patient while he outgrows this age.

Now I stopped taking it as a personal defeat. I reassured myself that I am doing good.

I wrote this onceIs this just a phase?

Back at Home, he does not take our orders as it is- Let’s bath, Don’t shout, Do brushing or Get ready. He cries and throws tantrums when we refuse to buy a toy or to give him our phone to watch a video or play a game.

He challenges our thoughts, our actions. He questions our instructions and expects logical reasoning, just like I used to do.

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We failed to tame him well.

But one thing I am sure of is that he is good at Art of persuasion.

  • He convinces us to read him a book when its time to sleep.
  • He convinces us for candy before he does his Homework.
  • He convinces us to watch TV while having food.
  • He convinces us for 1 more ride when we are at the park and getting late to head back Home.

And I am a proud Mother of a naughty Kid who clearly wears his emotions, good or bad, on his sleeve.

  • He is the one who comes back to me after a few seconds of saying “I don’t want to talk to you”
  • He is the one who becomes sad when someone gets hurt.
  • He is the one who says sorry if he throws anything by mistake.
  • He is the one who snuggles when he feels scared.
  • He is the one who helps me doing chores at Home.
  • He is the one who is independent. He chooses his clothes, he wants to brush his teeth on his own.
  • He is the one who learns quickly. I once said “Sh**” and he repeated.

I’ve learned that being a naughty Kid is not bad. My Kid is not Bad but just a 4-year-old who is struggling with his ever-changing emotions.

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