Kids change our lives in the most loving way

November 6, 2015

How is your Life after Kids?

Life after my kid…Its like coming out of my Comfort Cocoon. It was almost 2 months after my Son was born, when I realized that I need to change every bit of me- my sleep time, my wake up time, bath time and every other thing of my daily routine.

Everything need to be changed as per this little princely being, who is now the most special part of our lives.



Adapting to Multitasking

Realizing how life has changed in this 1-year for both of us as Parents. How our lone time has disappeared.

Dine out is unimaginable without our Son sitting next to us.

Home is not homelike without his shouts and cries.

Going out for a Movie…Are you serious..I don’t want anyone to request me to move out so that they can concentrate on movie rather than my Crazy kid. So embarrassing to imagine.





  • Different hair-dos are replaced by Messy buns.
  • Insomniac to Sleep Craver.
  • Eyes are new permanent address for Dark circles.
  • Shopping means buying for him-the list is endless.
  • Uninterrupted sleep is on the top of my wishlist.



When I used to enjoy Popcorn while watching at home-movies over the weekend

When I could relish Hot dinner

When I used to start my day by reading newspaper with a cup of coffee.

When I used to enjoy Showers and extended Bath time

When I was so fussy about my clothes…they are now smeared with food remains.

Entertainment has a new definition: From parties to picnics, from movies to parks, from songs to poems and goes on…

Your leisure time is when its Kids play time. Like any other girl, I loved to decorate my room with small treasures, candles and handmade frames. But now I have packed them all and they are now replaced by Diapers, Rattles and wipe clothes.

I have moved out my favorite Rest chair to make a room for his Potty chair.


Weekends are no more rest time! I am on my toes 24*7.

Hitting bed when I feel like sleeping, is a dream now and the moment he goes into sound sleep, I am ready to work on my Laptop as otherwise he doesn’t spare a single key.

life after kids

Touch-wood, its in working condition till yet.

Sometimes I feel annoying, tired and restless but then I remind myself “This time will fly SOON. Enjoy it”.


Do you feel the same as I do? How are you dealing with life after Kids?

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