Tried and tested ways to make massage time enjoyable for Babies

December 11, 2018
massage time for babies

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Massage time is the perfect time for a Parent to connect with the Baby.

Not only it’s beneficial for their physical growth but it also strengthens their emotional well-being.


Massage, if done in a proper way, calms down the baby and relaxes their muscles.

Rather than looking at it as a task, massage time should be enjoyed by both, Parent and the Baby.


How to make massage time enjoyable for Babies

There are many resources available online on “How to massage a Baby”.

This may vary for each baby but there are few tips to make the massage time enjoyable for babies as well as for the Parents.



Before you begin, look into their eyes with love. This is the way to send them a signal.

Wait for them to respond. Take my word they will love this eye-contact ritual.



Who doesn’t love music? Even babies do love listening to soft and soothing music.

While you massage them using soft strokes, sing or play their favorite lullaby.

This makes the massage time playful.



No single time is the right time for every Kid.

Choose the time according to your baby needs and routine- Not immediately before and after the feed time, not when the baby is sleepy and not when the baby is cranky or not well.

I feel morning after-bath is the perfect time but as I have a full-time job, I prefer massaging her in the late evening before putting my baby to bed.

It’s the time we cuddle, we play and we connect.



Cuddle them, Kiss them while their little bodies are bare.

This makes them feel secure.

My 6 MO daughter smiles every time I kiss her bare tummy and chest.



Choose the right option depending upon the temperature conditions in your area.

If the temperature is too hot, avoid using sticky/thick cream or oil.

If the weather is humid, avoid using cocoa butter and petroleum-based products.

Go for natural oils such as Coconut oil, Mustard oil (for 6 months+), Olive oil etc.

massage time for babies

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Tip– Always undress your baby in parts, especially in winters.

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  • Reply Vishal Bheeroo December 12, 2018 at 1:37 pm

    Always good to learn more about the techniques and the right time for massaging and make our young friends super healthy. Keep writing and will share with friends who have kids.

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