Minimalist living with Kids; without making them feel deprived

October 29, 2020
Minimalism with Kids

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Minimalism with Kids is possible without making your Kids feel deprived. There are some easy ways which you can use to bring the change slowly and effectively.

You would ask “Why shall I convince my family and kids to follow Minimalism?”. Because you don’t want your Kids to focus on stuff but on experiences. Because you want them to enjoy nature more than screens and shopping. Because you want them to value people rather than things.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds like . Even if we are a family, our aspirations are different, our habits are different. Basically, everything is different as we are individual beings with our unique set of tastes.

Here’s a good thing- The earlier you begin the easier it is to introduce Minimalism to your Kids.

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How and where to begin when you want to follow Minimalism with Kids

1. Spend time outdoors as a family

Take Kids out in the park or garden everyday even if it is only 15-20 mins on some days. Go for a walk or run together, do cycling, play with them or just breathe fresh air. Options are endless.

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2. Weekend Getaways

Prefer taking family for a picnic or nature walks or to a out of city resort rather than mall or movie or gaming arenas. You can make these occasional rather than a weekend scene.

3. Buy Less Toys

Before you think that buying them less toys is depriving them, let me tell you it is not. I am not the one who is saying, studies have proved this fact. Once they grow up, it doesn’t matter how much toys did they have but “How you spend time as a family” will matter.

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4. Introduce them to 3Rs

Introduce them to the concept of reduce reuse and recycle. How?

  • Repair the things when broken rather then throwing them out.
  • Show them how you can reuse things smartly.
  • Tell them the proper ways to recycle stuff.

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5. Product cycle

Make your Kids understand the product cycle by giving examples of the things they use. This way it will be easier for them to understand. How?

How much resources were used to make a product?

How the product they use, impact environment. This will help them to be more Eco-conscious.

6. Declutter as a family

Make decluttering a habit as a family. Tell them to take out the things, clothes, toys or books which they don’t want to use anymore.Tell them that you will be donating them to the one who needs it.

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7. Share the real-world matters

Water chaos, food shortage, landfills, glacier melting. Talk to them regarding the issues world is facing. Don’t under-estimate them thinking they won’t understand because they really do.

8. Food source

  • Tell them about the food cycle.
  • Where does their food comes from?
  • Who grows the food?
  • What goes into growing the food?
  • Who raises the cattle and why?
  • Problem faced by farmers

This helps them to appreciate their meals and community, more.

9. Make ‘give back” a habit

There are so many things that nature gifts us with and we should return a favor. Relate it to their birthday parties just like people bring presents and we give return gifts. Ask them how do they want to contribute to the environment. Don’t be surprised when they come up with a great idea.

10. Simple celebrations

Kids feel more happy when they are surrounded by few but their favorite people. Make celebrations small and simple when it comes to their party. Take them out to their favorite place. Give them new experiences to cherish rather than throwing a big party where they don’t feel special.

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Minimalism with kids. How and where to begin?
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  • Reply Bella Donna November 25, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    I totally agree with all of the points in this blog. It is a very good idea to practice minimalism within our family and of course including our children. To make the training easier on our part, it is best to start them young. Thanks for sharing your tips here in this article. I would definitely be doing all of these strategies.
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  • Reply Importance of delayed gratification in our lives- Comeback Minimalist November 19, 2020 at 11:04 pm

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  • Reply Dr Renu Arora October 29, 2020 at 9:02 am

    Thanks for Sharing this important parenting tips, you highlighted some important things which we need to follow as a parent.

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