Parenting as a Minimalist : Using Eco-friendly alternatives for new born

August 13, 2018
minimalist parenting newborn essentials

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Like every newbie Parent, I too started making a list of essentials we would need for our new-born.

You browse the Internet and you would find an endless number of things. Blame the consumerist culture which makes us believe that we would need all which is available in the market.

With my first child, I too wanted MORE for my Kid. All for LOVE.


I started following MINIMALISM in 2017 which not only made me more aware of my buying choices but inspires me to contribute less to the landfills.

So, being a second-time Parent and now a Minimalist I decided to bring some changes in my Parenting style just to make sure that I am not bringing Home the un-necessary things.

It not only saves me a penny but also helps in contributing towards a clean planet.



Though Cloth Nappies are an age-old thing in India. But their low absorption limits them to Indoor use. I did not know about Modern Cloth Diapers when my first one was born.

Thanks to Social media, I came to know about Cloth Diapering from other Mothers. There are so many cloth diaper brands and types that I got confused at the beginning. But then I found cloth diapering help websites that help you choose your suitable type.

They save you a lot when you compare it with the expense of disposable diapers.

Feeding Bottle and Containers

After my first baby was born, I promised myself not to use Plastics- feeding bottles, attractive sippy cups, cereal boxes and so on.

Also, read- Do not welcome Plastics too early

I suggest all the Mothers use Glass bottles for their Kids. The glass used is tough and does not crack up until fallen down from a distance.

For cereals and snacks, use steel/ceramic containers and bowls.


Bathing products

Rather than using chemical-based products for your newborn, use skin-friendly natural ingredients for their delicate skin.

Ubtan is around since generations but those swanky brands pushed us to use the shampoos and baby bath liquids for our newly borns.

Since we all are so busy in our lives that we do not get time to collect the ingredients and make Ubtan. I ordered the one from Amazon.


Wiping Products

Since their arrival, wet wipes have become ubiquitous.

Do you know that wet Wipes (including the ones labeled flushable) contain plastic fibers which are not biodegradable?

Moreover, most of them are alcohol based which makes them unsuitable for Babies delicate skin. Switch to cotton balls, cotton pads or cloth wipes.


Massage Oil

The best oil to be used for babies are Coconut oil, Ghee, and Badam Roghan. Yes, Mustard oil can also be used but after 6 months.

Also read- Tried and Tested uses of mustard oil for Kids


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  • Reply Jayanthy Govindarajan August 18, 2018 at 11:26 am

    This is such a wonderful post, Upasna. I feel cloth diapers are one of the best ideas over diapers anytime. I was very apprehensive about cloth diapers initially, but feel it is one good investment. I bought Superbottoms and Babyhug. She is 15 months now. I am sure this will help a whole year more. Also, the inserts can be purchased, charcoal absorbs better than microfiber. Thanks for the idea of glass bottles. I bought plastic, but I am not satisfied. I am worried a bit about glass bottles now that she is 1. I don’t use wipes, I just wash her mostly. I use Mama Earth as her body wash. Otherwise, I make besan powder or buy from Khadi. Overall, thanks for a view Upasna,

    • Reply Upasna August 22, 2018 at 2:31 pm

      You are right. Cloth diapers are economical too apart from being environment-friendly.
      Same here, I too bought superbottoms plus.
      I use bamboo inserts that is fine for 2 hours. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try charcoal ones.
      We Mothers can bring a lot of change. Thanks for reading and sharing your bit Jayanthy and yes Happy anniversary.

  • Reply Alok Singhal August 16, 2018 at 1:34 am

    You did the right thing…one day we all would realize that we should have followed minimalism in our lives.

    • Reply Upasna August 22, 2018 at 2:38 pm

      Thanks for your comment Alok..How are you guys?

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