Flight missed for a Cake…to home on Diwali.

September 8, 2015

Ever missed flight for something not worth it?

This Chocolate cake costed me 10K. Back in Mumbai, it was Diwali time and I have to come home for the celebration. I thought of taking the Cake along from one of Bandra’s famous Cake shop as I had booked a flight and two hour journey is not enough to melt it.

I left my place well in time and reached to collect the cake but got stucked in traffic caused by rain on the same day.

However, I reached the window 30 mins before flight’s take off time but the gates were closed. I requested the authorities but they did not let me in. I was sad and could not afford to stay away from Home on Diwali. So, booked a flight for the next day and reached Home 🙂

missed flight

My affair with flights did not end here but only when It was my last day in Mumbai- Adieu Time


Have you ever faced this kind of situation? Share your funny experiences



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