My Sunday started early

April 12, 2016
my sunday

Every Monday- we have a favorite topic to discuss in Office “My Sunday“. This time I was too excited to share my Sunday experience with all.

I have never been an early riser. Thanks to my just-perfect Office timings and my Toddler.

I am not the one who is a live motivation to “How do you start your day?”. Albeit, I love the morning weather but this love of mine never overpowered my will.

But yesterday was different. I don’t know from where the punch came from and I left my Home at 5:30 am to witness the rising Sun. I stepped out and the cool Breeze welcomed me.

my sunday

Enchanting sound of Temple bells mesmerized my Soul and I just followed it. I thanked God for the day- Day which was so different and a memory in itself.

Pure fragrance of Chandan(Sandal) compelled me to wear it. I had tears in my eyes- tears of joy, tears of accomplishment, tears of fulfillment.

There were Chirping Birds, Blossoming Flowers, Swinging Trees, Energetic People, Smiling Kids- so much to thank for.

The day seemed longer that I took up the tasks pending from long- I pampered myself with much needed Pedicure, organized my cupboard and collected all the stuff waiting to get altered.

We always relate Sunday with laziness and laid-backs. I am thankful that I found a perfect way to celebrate my Sunday.

[clickandtweet handle=”lifebioscope” hashtag=”#mindful #mondays #mondaymotivation” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Now on wards my Sunday will be a day to rise early[/clickandtweet], welcoming the Sun and to express Gratitude, a perfect potion for head-start Monday.

Linking it with Monday Musings at What Joy is Mine by Naomi.


What Joy Is Mine
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