Event that busted our myths about Palm Oil

January 16, 2020
palm oil myths busted

“Denying the truth does not change the facts”

This quote resonated in my mind after I attended an Event on Palm Oil I was invited to. The event presented various facts related to Palm oil, I was ignorant about and busted the myths about Palm oil that were formed over all those years.

I would not have believed the stats if Dr. Bhavna Shah, country representative, India and Sri Lanka, MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council) would not have come to represent the true picture.

Being a Parent it’s my responsibility to give my Kids healthy alternatives and  Being a responsible Blogger, it’s my duty to pass correct information to my readers.

What is Palm Oil?

Palm oil is made from the fruit of the palm tree (Elaeis guineensis). The oil palm yield has two types. One is extracted from the flesh of the fruit, called as Palm Oil and the other from the seed called as Palm Kernel oil.

Why Palm Oil has gained a bad image

In 1950s when food crisis hit India, government had started importing Palm Oil and provided it to the ration shops. Due to the bad handling of the shops, it was declared a foul smelling oil by people. 

Moreover, it isn’t a product originated in India which was hurting the oil producers in India.

So Palm oil was resisted by Companies as well as Public and gained a bad image.

Moreover, Palm oil is cheaper than other oils and we always tend to equate cheap to bad.

Now coming to the point why Palm oil is cheaper. The answer is higher yield with low water consumption. Compared to any other oil produce, Palm oil yield is 10 times more and require less water to produce which makes it more sustainable.

What is good about the Palm Oil

You would say that almost every source mentions about the Palm oil negatives. How can it be good. These days we are always bombarded with over information. The noise created by misleading or incorrect information hides the true information.

Read any good medical or food Blog and you would find that Palm Oil is equally good.

Palm Oil like every other oil does not have cholesterol. It is our body which has a tendency to create cholesterol. Our liver makes cholesterol for our body.

Unlike other oils, Palm oil contains Vitamin A, D and E. Some Palm oils are very good source of antioxidants.

Unlike Olive Oil, Palm oil is the best for deep frying as it’s molecular structure does not break even at higher temperatures due to higher boiling points.

Why companies are loving and using Palm oil

Even if you don’t using Palm oil in virgin form for cooking, you are consuming it in many products: Chips, Instant noodles, chocolates, frozen desserts, cookies and what not. Not only in food products, Palm Kernel oil (which is obtained from the kernel of fruit) is the main ingredient in soaps, cosmetics, detergents and lubricants.

Companies are more interested in using Palm Oil not only because it’s cheaper but because of the stable availability too. A Palm tree, once grown, will provide the yield for at least 30 years and this is much more as compared to any other oil yield.

About the Event “Palm Oil: Gourmet Delights”

The event was informative and entertaining.

The bloggers were divided into small groups for the Food Hunt. We were given clue cards to decode the next venue name for the next activity. From Sip-n-Dine Restaurant, we rushed to Crazy Town where we were to crack some tricky questions about palm oil for the Quiz Competition.

By decoding another clue card, we stepped into another venue The Safe House for the Blind Food Tasting Session where we were served delicacies cooked in palm oil and we enjoyed naming ingredients used in the dish with our eyes blindfolded during the activity. Our last activity was Salad Making activity, where our team creatively crafted a healthy version of veggie salad we named “The Mock Pineapple Salad”.

The dressing used in the salad was Palm oil which did not alter the taste of ingredients. Food which was presented for tasting was Cooked/Fried in Palm oil. The most fun event was Ice cream relay which had all the items which has palm Oil like Nutella, Ferrero rocher, Hide and Seek and frozen dessert.

My Take away from the Event

When taken in moderation, Palm Oil has no bad affects to the body be it a Kid, an adult or an old person. A very good point was mentioned by Dr. Bhavna that we should rotate our oils as no oil is perfect.

With all those busted myths, it will now be easier to accept Palm Oil in daily household and not to believe every  information coming my way without studying about the true facts.

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