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April 18, 2017
organizing stuff

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I was never the one who hate organizing stuff. Be it Home or Hostel, I always loved clean and clutter free spaces.


Times have changed. Each member in the Family has their own wardrobe or better, each member has its own Room. But still we are short of space every time we buy something new.

organizing stuff

Organizing stuff step by step

Nothing can be done overnight. Do not make it a stress affair for you and your Family. Rather, go step by step- do little daily or over the weekends- as per what suits you best.

Organizing your Wardrobe

Sort the clothes by frequency of use, Divide them into categories, Use hangers for suits or Sarees or dresses, Use peg boards for accessories, ties, belts. Use Dividers for clean look.

Organizing your Bed

Never leave Home without making the bed. Even if I get nothing else cleaned up, making the bed is a daily ritual I follow religiously.

Its so calm to see clean bed to lie over in the evening.

Organizing your bathing area

Do not leave Foggy mirrors and wet floors while leaving the bathing area.

Do not convert it into a store flooded with bottles and containers. Try to keep single product common to all the Family members.

Organizing your work table

All your work table needs is 2 things- Working object (Computer/Project) and a tool (notepad/pen/colors/craft supply).

Do not put your other belongings on the working table to create clutter which may distract you from work.

Organizing your wallet

I am not very good at organizing my wallet. Its advisable to sort cards, cash and other important slips.

A nice guide to organize the wallet.

Organize your Laundry

I hate having piles of clothes lying around the house.

Tips I use:

Wash the clothes frequently.

Sort them into need-not-to-be-ironed and those that need ironing.

Iron them the same day

Organizing Kitchen

We women spend more than 3 hours a day in the Kitchen then why not make it a comfortable and time saving deal.

Few tips I use:

Clean the counters before leaving Kitchen at night

Have a place for everything

Label the containers

Organizing shoe racks

Divide them based on Season

Divide them based on Category

Clean them before putting them back into the racks.


The above list is just to give an idea about where to start. You can search for more tips based on above.

Let me tell you a small incident-

We were once invited by a couple who were living in an independent apartment which had 2 bedrooms, a living room, a Kitchen and 1 store room.

But when I was there I could not recognize them- yes, their rooms. Every room seemed like a store room. Dining table was serving every other purpose rather than food serving place. I had a very tough time staying there for 3 hours. Wardrobes were overflowing, Kitchen was a hoarding area for empty bottles and what not.

You are getting my point, right?

Cluttered Homes are not good to be lived in. After those hectic hours at work and coming back Home is all about feeling peaceful and pleasant. No one wants stress and anxiety when at Home. That is why its said “Home sweet Home”. So make it a place of peace and calm.


It is so nice to be able to relax at the end of the day knowing that everything is in its place.

Do not wait until the stuff is overflowing and make “organizing stuff” a routine.

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