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July 20, 2018
plugin to migrate wordpress site

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I am glad that I moved to Siteground last year. If you are thinking to change your Hosting provider, check out Siteground’s plans as migration has become too easy with their new plugin to migrate WordPress site.

Now you don’t have to wait for the support team to migrate your site. You can do that yourself in just a few clicks. Moreover, it is secure.


Siteground Migrator


This plugin is designed to automate the transfer of a WordPress instance to a SiteGround hosting account.


How to Use Siteground’s plugin to migrate WordPress site

First, you need to get a transfer token from your SiteGround account. You can do this through the WordPress Migrator tool located in the WordPress section of your SiteGround hosting control panel.

Once you select the domain name that you want to initiate the transfer for, our system will generate a transfer token for you. Paste the token in your SiteGround Migrator plugin and press Initiate Transfer. That’s all!



What are the benefits of the Siteground Migrator?

Free Transfer

This is an especially valuable feature on the StartUp plan, where professional manual transfers are a paid service.

Multiple Migrations

This is a great way to promote GrowBig and GoGeek plans, as they accommodate multiple sites and with the migrator, your referees can easily consolidate multiple sites under one SiteGround hosting account.

Simple, Fast and Secure

The tool empowers anyone to do a successful site transfer with a few clicks in a fast and secure way.


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