5 tips you must follow if you are serious about podcasting

October 27, 2020
Podcasting Tips you must follow

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You may have started Podcasting as a hobby or out of curiosity but if you are serious about Podcasting, you must follow these 5 podcasting tips to sustain and grow.

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Podcasting Tips for the ones who their podcasts to grow


Be consistent about your content. Your audience should be clear and know beforehand what you will talk about.

Be consistent about publishing frequency i.e. You can publish an episode every fortnight, twice a week, or any other schedule but you should stick to it.

Be consistent in the quality. You can lose your listeners if you publish an un-edited raw version with low quality voice or poor content.


Editing is must whether you are doing a Solo episode or Interview or a group discussion.

No one likes to listen to someone who makes more mistakes or someone who uses more Errrr. and Hmmm.

There are many editing tools available- Free and Paid. I am using Audacity free version as of now.


You should be consistent in your Format. Though you can change it for some special episodes.

Once you have target audience in place, they will be choosy about the format.


Planning the things beforehand is one of the most important thing. You should have your content ready for at least 3 next episodes.

  • This won’t affect your publishing frequency
  • In case you have some urgent task, you don’t need to panic.
  • This removes the possibility of poor content.


Inviting few guests over your Podcast is vital for your podcast growth. Things you can leverage by inviting guests:

  • More new listeners
  • Audience trust
  • In-depth content

You can ask your guest to share their experience or interview them or ask them to speak on a topic your audience is interested in.

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