How to prevent Postpartum depression and enjoy the New-Mommy phase

April 9, 2019
How to prevent postpartum depression

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This post “How to prevent Postpartum depression” is based on my personal experience as I went through 2 normal deliveries.

I did not fall prey to the depression phase after the deliveries or I must say it did not affect me to that extent where I would harm myself or others.

In India, no one talks about this hidden risk called postpartum depression which affects almost every new Mother. No one expects us to undergo emotional outbursts or exhibit awkward mood swings. But let me tell you, this all is completely normal if you have recently given birth to a child.

Everyone around you expects you to be happy as you have welcomed a new Life. And here you are feeling sad, anxious, or depressed, and unable to enjoy your newborn.

You may want to go out, you may want to eat normal food or you may want to fit in your old clothes. Dear Mommy, don’t stress out. Do whatever you want.

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Here are few tips to prevent postpartum depression

Nature Walk

No matter how much Home-bound I was, I used to go for short walks to soak up the Sun and to breathe fresh Air.

Nature not only refresh us up but also helps in fast healing.

Husband’s presence

During my first pregnancy, Husband was away due to his work and it did affect my mood badly. But during second, I asked my Husband to be with me at least for a month after delivery.

With varied mood swings and weak body, you need your Partner along your side to listen and to take care of you while you are attending your Kids.

This is why I vouch for Paternity leave.

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Family Support

Family support is a bliss post-delivery and you must ask for it.

Do not hesitate to invite your Mother or Mother-in-law or the other woman in the Family for a helping hand.

Being with your loved ones keep you happy and will help in preventing emotional outbursts.

I am thankful to both Mothers who took care of my Diet in the first few days after delivery.

Good Diet

In addition to rest, all Mothers need to maintain a healthy diet to ensure healing and recovery.

Almost every new breastfeeding Mother get deficient in Micronutrients so eat a variety of foods.

Try to eat a balanced diet comprising fruit, vegetables, grains, protein foods and dairy each day.

Lots of water

There’s a relation between dehydration and anxiety or lack of energy. Mothers who breastfeed are at high risk for dehydration, so be aware of the amount of water that you’re drinking.

I consider myself lucky as I was able to feed my baby but to keep myself well hydrated throughout the night, I used to keep the bottle beside me and have a glass after each feed. Of course with half-opened eyes 😉


Don’t ignore the supplements given by your Doctor.

Even after delivery, the body needs extra vitamins to ensure good health and fitness.

Adequate Rest and Sleep

Most important, get enough rest so that your body get healed fast.

Sleep while the baby is sleeping. Ignore the not-so-important chores.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Let everyone in the family know they can help by cooking meals, helping with laundry or other household chores.

Do you have any other tips to prevent postpartum depression?

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  • Reply Rengan August 10, 2020 at 2:55 pm

    I believe that there is much a woman and her family can do during pregnancy that will lessen her chances of a postpartum mood and anxiety disorder like postpartum depression.

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