Best memories of Raksha Bandhan

July 30, 2019

Raksha Bandhan had always been my favorite festival. This is the only occasion when families get together to celebrate the pure bond between Siblings.

Gifts, sweets and homecooked delicacies were the things we always looked forward to as Kids. But what I cherish now is the bond we shared, love we showed and care we had for each other.

There are so many memories linked to this festival but there are some which are my favorite.

It was 2011 Rakhsha Bandhan and I was away from Home, in Mumbai. I was unable to come Home as I had recently joined a new company and sent my Rakhi in advance. But my happiness knew no bounds when my younger Brother travelled for more than 24 hours to meet me. I never expected this from him but he gave me a lovely surprise with his presence.

We enjoyed a lot and celebrated the festival away from home for the first time.

Another memory linked with this festival is “difficult bus journey”.
Now enforced, a rule was passed which permitted free bus journey to all the Women and children in Haryana Buses only for this day.
Due to this, it used to be a huge rush and we never get a seat throughout our 2-hour journey on this day.

My maternal Grandmother’s delicious Puris and Aloo ki sabzi is something we used to relish. It was so tasty that our appetite used to increase many folds on that day.

Selecting Rakhis was one more thing I had always been excited for. Cartoons for the younger brothers, Bands for the teenager ones and Chandan ones for the elder brothers.

It wasn’t just a single day to be happy about. 
Going to market a Month before, finalizing the rakhis and respective gifts for each of the sibling. Preparations also appeared like small celebrations.

My Brother consider himself a lucky one as he has 6 Sisters to receive rakhis from. He used to proudly show off his arms full of rakhis and forehead full of holy Tika.

One of our Sisters who went abroad never failed to send Rakhi to India for our pampered Brother.

Despite heavy shipping charges and longer in-journey time, she never failed to send her love wrapped along with Rakhi to India from USA.

Wearing new clothes, flaunting our trinkets of jewellery and accessories were also the part of the celebrations.
No one used to go to bed early a night before the festival. Antaksharis and munching on snacks were the highlights.
Togetherness was the priority rather than the comfort.

Mattresses were being lined up on the floor and we loved to jump and roll on it for hours.
Mobiles not-in-sight, we used to chit-chat all night long sharing our small secrets, our dreams and what not.

When we were young, our Mothers ensured that we always get together on this festival. We have seen our elders making efforts and fighting odds just to be together for a day.

Time has passed, we have grown up but now we are following our Parent’s footsteps.

I really wish this Love never dies, no matter how much differences we will have and how much far we will be from each other.

Do you have your favorite Raksha Bandhan memories?

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