Indian podcasts I admire and recommend

October 24, 2020
recommended indian podcasts

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This list of recommended Indian podcasts is based on my personal taste and likes.

Recommended Indian Podcasts by a Podcaster

Vision Nari Podcast

Hosted by Swati Rawat, Vision NAri podcast interviews renowned women professionals, artists, and academics in an attempt to understand their impulse, inspiration, and the story behind their unique vision.

Dr. Mommy speaks

A Parenting podcast by Dr. Rahat Sayyad, A Physician by profession. She share articles, Expert interviews and easy to understand resources that will aid you in making your parenting journey a cakewalk.

The Habit Coach Podcast

Hosted by Ashdin Doctor, the habit coach, it takes you through the creation of simple easy to do habits. Habits we can all incorporate into our lives. Habits around, health, sleep, de-stressing, productivity, movement, nutrition and relationships. Each episode is bite-sized and packed with fun facts and an easy to do habits.

You are what you listen to.

A-Z of Life by Sidhika Goenka

Hosted by Sidhika Goenka, a strengths-focused psychologist, parenting expert, educator, teacher-trainer and a professional storyteller, A-Z of Life is a podcast series on different topics to enhance self-development and personality.

Suno India Podcast

Suno India is a multilingual podcast platform solely dedicated to stories on issues that matter. Suno India shines a spotlight on under-represented and under-reported stories. They gives a platform to issues that are often sidelined as inconvenient, irrelevant, or are simply invisible.

My favorite shows are “Dear Pari”, “Fat. So?” and “Pinja tod kar”

Little Fixes podcast

Hosted by Maitri, a lifestyle podcast for Sassy Indian Nari where she shares stories and ideas to help you thrive.

Invisible India podcast

Meet Abhishek and Jessica, Co-Hosts of the Invisible India Podcast where they highlights lesser known facts of Indian culture from the perspective of a returning NRI and an American living in India. They explore the mysteries of Indian culture and current social issues through conducting interviews with various experts, stereotype breakers and interesting people in cross-cultural relationships.

Maed In India Podcast

Founded and hosted by Mae Mariyam Thomas, Maed In India is indie music podcast that showcases the best Indian independent musicians from India and abroad. Each episode is a perfect weaving of story and music and this is what makes it stand out.

AblE Nari

Real stories of women who took one step ahead to simply keep going or who love to rediscover themselves. Inspiring stories of grit and determination. The show is available on Platocast, a podcasting platform by Poonam Bhardawaj aka Phullobegam.

Tune in and do share your feedback.

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