Sleepless nights: Fantastico experience

January 27, 2016

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Are you a Sleep deprived mom?

Sleepless is a new adjective in my life adding to my other self-proclaimed traits.

I had never been an early bird despite my multiple resolutions nor I had a habit to hit the bed before the clock strike 12. But then that’s enough of sleep- 7 hrs for a normal person.

I wonder if I am no more a normal person now. How much would I sleep, I crave for some more. Is this a disorder or I am lacking something? Why I always feel like taking a nap.

The answer is here, right here by my side leaping into his dream world and attracting my attention with his innocent smile. Oh Yes, I am not normal as I am a Mother now.

sleep deprived mom

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As I am typing each word, I have an eye on him and praying God not to wake him up for another 1 hour.

Its been more than an year now that I have single night of non-interrupted sleep. Its not that I am sad but I think I deserve at least this much.

However, I feel lucky to experience this motherly feeling- where your Mind and heart pulls you in different directions and you always listen to your heart. Now, I am a part of the community- as I can complain with joy.




Multiple alarms for Pee and Feed does not allow you to enjoy sound sleep. I stare at the clock every time his cooing wakes me up, to check on how much time is left before the Sun rises above our heads.

Its been said that the Sleep reduces with age, but I wonder Age is not the culprit- Its responsibilities who steal way our loving sleep. While my husband snores and enjoy his sound sleep, I stay busy in hunting for a mosquito who is disturbing my Child’s sleep and annoying me.

Winters make this more difficult for both- these tiny creatures does not want to miss the warm pouch and you don’t want the chill to freeze you.

Sometimes, you don’t even understand the reason of crying- it may be Pee, Hunger or just the after-effects of Weather.

But then these fantastico moments over weigh all the above:

His tiny hands searching for me

His sobbing stops when I caress him.

Twinkle in my eyes when he hugs me.

Moreover, I will have a point to make when he will grow up enough to annoy me:

Main tumhare liye rat bhar jagti thi

(Tr: I used to had sleepless nights for you)

…. hiding the fact from him that I am enjoying these sleepless nights and I am thankful for them. 😉

I can happily say – Sleepless Nights have their own Charm



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sleep deprived mom

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