Pooh and Piglet…Our Friendship tale

October 7, 2016
story of friendship

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Some Souls are destined to meet, to bask in the glory of friendship.

Friendship to me, is an invisible thread which ties two hearts together for forever. The Day I started Blogging I knew inside I have to write about this special bond in my Life.
Now after 1 year of this journey, ZeeTV has given me a chance to express my gratitude. They are featuring “story of friendship” through a talk show “Yaaron ki Baraat”

Story of friendship is beautiful. I do have one.

We refer our Jodi as:


It was “Friendship at first sight” the day I walked into College. Her smile, her friendly gestures and her pure heart made me fall for her 😉 . Don’t take it the other way.

My College and Hostel Life would be lifeless and gloomy without her presence around. Be it Exams or Fests or Hangout, she never left me alone.

Not only College Friends but we shared the same Hostel room, which brought us closer. It helped us to understand each other better and firmed the base of our Friendship. Evening walks, Chat sessions over the Maggi, getting ready for a Party- were the bond strengthening moments.


Things which made us adore each other- We never made each other feel guilty even when one of us went wrong. Rather, advised and even scolded to ensure we do not take any wrong decision.

Things which drive us crazy – She is my Drama Queen. I am her Delicate Princess.

We are different yet so same– We dislike the Swaggers, We both yearn for Love , We are good listeners and last but not the least,We are Trustworthy.


Having the one, you call your BFF is a blessing. I am blessed that I have her in my Life during all thick and thins. She never failed to infuse happiness in my Life. She had a solution to my every problem in Life and I am sure she will be my Magic wand forever.

story of friendship


Words are never enough to express your Love to someone but still I tried my best to put my heart here.

She inspires me when I am in blues.

She make me smile, She boost me up.

She helps me stand when I fall.

When things are falling apart, she makes me fall in love with Life again.


Distances does not matter, Responsibilities does not bound the ones who share this bond. Its been more than 7 years that College Life ended and made us apart. Paths were different, Cities were changed, Priorities were shuffled but our Friendship managed to sail through all.

Wo kehte hain na– Jise ap puri shiddat se chahte hain, poori kayenat bhi us se milwane mein jut jati hai.

Bahot filmy ho gaya na(Very Filmy). But its true, destiny did not separate us even after Marriage.

Though we are in different cities but still manage to meet, to go on a vacation together and have a blast.


I am gearing up for a new TV show “Yaaron Ki Baraat” starting from 8th Oct on Zee TV. Do tell your Mom and Dad and they will be more excited to know who is the first Jodi- Any Guesses?

Riteish Deshmukh and Sajid will add their own touch of fun and quirky humor to the show.


Do you have a Friend whom you can count on? Share your story of friendship with us.

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  • Reply Deepti March 25, 2019 at 9:40 am

    Best friendship always strongest all times in our life, A true friend helps you in life’s every moment. But True friend ! so makes Genuine close friend only they cares you lifetime.

    • Reply Upasna March 25, 2019 at 11:59 am

      Thanks for reading our story and sharing your thoughts. You are right. A true friend is like a savior.

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