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February 14, 2017
bloggers life

Bloggers Life can be better defined with this quote: Though sometimes its harder to mark a line between Life and Blogging and find the balance but those 2 days without my Blog filled me with anxiety and never-felt-before emptiness. Those 2 days were dreadful when my Blog met some technical issues and I felt the crunch. Every single hour I felt the need of it. I found myself cribbing about it to my Husband to get a rolled-eye-look. Though he…

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Blog-Life balance….Do we need it?

November 8, 2016
how to manage blog

Are you a Blogger who is struggling with Blog-Life balance? If yes, then something needs to be changed and you need to know how to manage blog while living fully. While I agree that balance is something we need managing Work and Life but blogging is not work; not for me. Blog and Life need not to be balanced but to be in sync. Is it confusing? Let me explain my point- Balance implies that two phases are separate and…

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The one who weaves magic- A day in the Life of a Blogger

November 2, 2016
life of a blogger

Adding magic to words is not everyone’s cup of tea and those who does that, it comes naturally to them. They just need Pen and Paper to let the magic flow. Today, we have someone who is into writing for more than 3 decades now- Sunita Saldhana. She has been writing since the age of 13. She is now a “retired mom” with both her kids having flown from the nest and is now concentrating on her writing. She also…

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