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Simple fun activities to celebrate Children’s day with Toddlers

November 8, 2017
children's day celebration ideas

After becoming a Parent, our every day is Children’s day. What we do, what we earn, what we cook- We do it for them, for their happiness, good health, and bright future.   Still, to make this day special for them, I prefer going outdoors rather than confining in 4 walls. Here are few children’s day celebration ideas for Toddlers:   Park Picnic Take your kids to the park, breathe some fresh air and get some sunlight. Plan a short…

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Gift Clutter – How to get rid of it

April 8, 2017
minimalist gift giving

Ever since I remember, I always gifted the person as per their current needs or personal tastes. It feels bad to know that your Gift added no purpose in their lives but to the clutter. Isn’t it? As I am exploring this Minimalism Lifestyle, I am happy to learn more about it. I am going step by step with applying this theory into each aspect slowly. The area still unexplored is Minimalist gift giving.   Minimalist gift giving These days…

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Entering 30s : Things I am planning for my 29th birthday celebration

November 11, 2016
29TH birthday

Its my 29th birthday tomorrow and its a special milestone for me. Its time for me to look back and inside. Its time for a long post but not to make you bore, let me go ahead.   Turning 30 is one of those things that almost everyone has perspective about. In the past I read so many posts telling 30 is a big number. Really! I have no intentions to hide the number but to shout-out loud. In my…

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REPLAY- Counting Blessings of 2015

December 30, 2015

When I look back to peep into this year, there are many reasons to be happy and to mark 2015 a Joyous year. BLOGGING I always loved to pen down my thoughts but it was limited to my personal diary until I started my own Blog this year. [clickandtweet handle=”lifebioscope” hashtag=”sharingisablessing” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Sharing is a Blessing.[/clickandtweet] Now, I can say I am blessed as I have you all to share my experiences with. It has also gifted me 1…

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