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How to raise Kids as Nature lovers? Activities your Kids can engage in.

March 14, 2018
nature activities for kids

When we were Kids, we used to run behind butterflies, catch fireflies, dig a hole to find Dwarfs, play with stray puppies, get dirty while playing with mud, lie under the stars for hours. What not! It came naturally to us as we did not have access to Screens and Entertainment meant to be Outdoors.   But now when the whole definition of Entertainment is transformed, getting Kids Outdoors has become an art every Parent need to learn. But Why?…

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Funny things Kids say – From the mouth of a 3 year old

February 7, 2018
Kids say the funniest things

Kids say the funniest things! They make the most honest remarks and express openly with innocence. Sometimes the things they say have no meaning, sometimes they’re extremely funny, and sometimes they awe us with their smartness and truthfulness. I love to store memories but It’s not possible to express everything through photos so I keep the record of quirky things my Toddler say or innocent acts he does.   CURIOUSITY– One Day while we were sitting together: Me: ” Ek…

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Preserve them now..Because in the end All you have is memories

September 14, 2017
preserving memories

“Why to collect memories when you are happily spending time being a Parent?” Ask me and I will tell you that preserving memories has hidden benefits. Good memories have the power to uplift you in times of despair and sadness. Time spent in collecting memories never goes waste. Writing memories would help us to be grateful. There are many small happy and proud moments in Parenting that you’ll want to remember forever. Not only the first step, first smile but…

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BABA- A renowned scary creature

October 24, 2016
baby scared

Do you fear from dark? Yesterday, my Son woke up midnight crying and shouting “Baba Baba” That moment, I was full of anger and guilt. Childhood memories started flashing across my mind- How we used to fear the dark. How my Brother did not like to close washroom door. How we used to fear getting up for a glass of water in the night. I cursed myself for letting it happen but I am thankful as it ignited me to…

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Generation Today : Childhood ending soon

October 17, 2015

Playing with mud and making toys out of it, running behind butterflies, catching fireflies are now the things of the past. Gone are the days when Children discuss about fairy tales, fictional world and childish topics. Lost are those story telling by Dadis and Nanis(Grandparents). Their Utopian world has been replaced by Current affairs and Social media. Awww! Poor Kids. THAT BLACK SCREEN Be it TV, Tablets, Laptops,Mobiles or Video consoles- Children are stick to these screens for good part…

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