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A wall hanging using Audio Cassettes

October 7, 2016
recycle cassette tapes

I am a 80s Kid for whom Music was all about audio tapes. Compiling my favorite songs, getting it recorded on those tapes had its own charm. Time changed, technology evolved. CDs replaced these audio tapes and made them obsolete. My Parents had a huge collection of it. They both were in love with Music. I am grateful for Music too. My Mother had donated almost all of those but kept a few. Last week, she was about to throw…

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Fun Craft idea and Home Decor

July 21, 2016
fun craft idea

I always hunt for new fun craft idea for my Home and to entertain my Toddler. Sharing few quick and zero budget craft ideas you can easily try at Home. FUN CRAFT IDEA #1- PHOTO FRAME OUT OF SWEET BOX You’ll need: Sweet Box/ Any square shaped box Origami/Printed Paper Embellishments Ribbon Photo Protective Sheet (Clear plastic sheet) Glue Scissors/Cutter    STEPS: Cut the box as per your desired Size (12*12 inch in my case) Punch a hole on…

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My key to happiness

June 8, 2016
key to happiness

When grief struck, it takes out the ability to think and grow. It makes us less constructive and blind fold our eyes to see the future ahead. Its like a whirlpool which pulls us inside until we cease to move down and emerge out. Its only our continuous effort which make us win over the giant whirlpool of grief and negativity. I must say “Do not stop, not until it quits and spills you out as a winner” There must…

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Artsy Craftsy side of me- Lost passion

December 28, 2015

For those who ever stumbled upon my  ABOUT page, knows that I love to greet my Loved ones with a personal touch- Cards, Frames or Message boards. This long loved hobby of mine took a backseat when I stepped into Mother’s World. But what I did not quit on, is to collect everything which is DIY friendly with the hope to utilize them one or the other day. Now, I have a huge stock on my Craft shelves. HOBBY BACKED…

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