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He is not my Infant anymore

September 16, 2016
birthday party

My baby boy is turning 2 this week and I just can’t believe it. Second year passed so quickly and I am still in new-born hangover. [clickandtweet handle=”@lifebioscope” hashtag=”#kids #birthday #party” related=”” layout=”” position=””]He is not my Infant anymore.[/clickandtweet] He has transformed from Infant to Toddler. He is doing things independently. He wants me to set him free. I remember the days when I could cuddle him for hours but now, he turns jumpy when I kiss him non-stop on…

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Fun Craft idea and Home Decor

July 21, 2016
fun craft idea

I always hunt for new fun craft idea for my Home and to entertain my Toddler. Sharing few quick and zero budget craft ideas you can easily try at Home. FUN CRAFT IDEA #1- PHOTO FRAME OUT OF SWEET BOX You’ll need: Sweet Box/ Any square shaped box Origami/Printed Paper Embellishments Ribbon Photo Protective Sheet (Clear plastic sheet) Glue Scissors/Cutter    STEPS: Cut the box as per your desired Size (12*12 inch in my case) Punch a hole on…

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Giving a fresh look to special part of our lives- How to paint mirror

June 22, 2016
how to paint mirror

Hello to all the wonderful people who have shown their Love and spared their Time reading my posts. Thanks to all the inspirational reads during this Blogging journey which inspired me revive my lost passion. This would be my very first post in DIY section. I started retouching things at my Home – things which got tarnished with time, things which are no more eye-candies and things which I can put to good use. I love to make faces looking…

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My key to happiness

June 8, 2016
key to happiness

When grief struck, it takes out the ability to think and grow. It makes us less constructive and blind fold our eyes to see the future ahead. Its like a whirlpool which pulls us inside until we cease to move down and emerge out. Its only our continuous effort which make us win over the giant whirlpool of grief and negativity. I must say “Do not stop, not until it quits and spills you out as a winner” There must…

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