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May 20, 2017
best learning apps for toddlers

Mom:  “Why don’t you spend enough time with the Kid”? Father: “See, we are watching YouTube together” Mom: “Do you even know what he is watching?” With a Screen device in every hand, we all are changing the definitions of Entertainment and Play.  According to the survey by AppyStore, 58 percent Indian parents use Internet based tools for their kids. We cannot stop their fascination for screen devices, but we can always control what they see and hear. The age…

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He is entering into a new phase and I am full of beans

January 31, 2017
choosing a preschool

Choosing a Preschool is like cracking a tough nut. Its always difficult for Parents to leave their Child in someone’s hands who is not a part of the Nest. For some this phase comes very early where a Mother is working and there is no one to take care of a child. I am one of them.  I had to leave my Baby as soon as my leave ended after 3 months. Yes, it wasn’t easy but I had convinced…

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Why Kids should Science more? – Infographic from Psysci

December 21, 2016
importance of science for kids

This infographic was created for the purpose of getting children interested in science and its easier than you might think, from teaching children about thought experiments, taking advantage of some great science kits for children or replicating simple experiments seen on YouTube by psychology and science website, Psysci. Importance of science for kids- If you liked this post, you can have these posts delivered to your inbox: Subscribe to Life through my Bioscope Email Address *…

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College Admissions in India

December 12, 2016

College admissions in India is like walking on a tight rope for both students and Parents. It, therefore. needs good beforehand research. Students future lies with them- No doubt why its among the top most searches. While I was hunting the colleges back in 2006, I did not know much about any source which could give answers to all the admission related queries. You will be surprised to know that the college I selected on-line was not the same I…

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Less Fortunate

February 18, 2016
less fortunate

Less fortunate- A phrase with varying definitions as it can only be measured relatively. When we compare ourselves with the ones more privileged, we would always feel less fortunate. [clickandtweet handle=”lifebioscope” hashtag=”education” related=”” layout=”” position=””]In this Digital age, we tend to forget about the things we are blessed with.[/clickandtweet] It was my Husband’s Birthday and like every year, we have chosen to donate fruits to the less fortunate Kids sitting outside the temple. The moment we step outside, they gathered…

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