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An open diary of a Mom whose Kid is infamous

March 25, 2019
Letter by a Mother of a naughty Kid

This post “Mother of a naughty kid” is my personal experience of being a mother to a Toddler who is as naughty as he is wise, as notorious as he is honest, as loud as he is sensitive and as rude as he is caring. Who does not want their Kid to be famous? But to be famous for the bad behavior is something no Parent ever wish for. We all want well-behaved children who obey every instruction from their…

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Confessions of a Teary eyed

August 18, 2017
crying in public

Yes, I commit- I cannot control crying in public. I know I am being judged when I cry in open. People may perceive me as weak or immature woman. But I cannot help it. Whether its an emotional scene on TV or an emotional talk with anyone, I could not stop my tears to flow.   The other day, I was totally upset over something and when on the same day, my Son’s School teacher complained me of his hitting…

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