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Lets Reduce our waste and make Earth a better place to live

April 21, 2017
reduce reuse and recycle

Do you think about those endangered species or melting glaciers or local artisans when you buy something? If yes, you live Green. Do you prefer conventional over technology? If yes, you live Simple. Do you always look out for alternate ways rather than buying? If yes, you live minimally. Reduce Reuse and Recycle – 3 Rs to reduce the waste REDUCE This is the best way to help the environment by limiting the stuff entering in our House. Buy durable…

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We invested for him- Impact investment

July 11, 2016
impact investment

Its always been said -Its better to start saving early. Every Parent saves for their children, for their future and prosperous life. They do not want them to be devoid of anything. Apart from materialistic things, I do not want my Kid to be devoid of God’s gifts. We made Impact Investment sans any financial returns but yes, it will surely impact the future of next generation. We invested in Oxygen Bond. This word is given by me..funny though. It…

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