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Things I wish I knew- Now when I am entering 30s

January 5, 2017
i wish i knew

Now that I have completed 29 years of journey and celebrated it in style, I am still standing at the first turn on the road named “Mid-life”. Much has been said and told by the ones who reached their 30s. What new I can add here? I think nothing much but my own experiences.   We all reach this milestone committing some serious mistakes, saying some ugly words, telling some lies and taking some wrong decisions.   But what matters…

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Personal Audit – My Year in review

December 20, 2016
year in review

Hey, WAIT! Do not go by the caption….Its not about Finance but my year in review. I am not keeping up the resolutions this time too. They doesn’t work- at least not for me. That is why I made not to do list at the start of this year. Honestly, I did not polished off all but at least followed 60% of them.   Did you had any resolutions for this year? I have a huge respect for those who…

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Stories are meant to be shared – 2 opposite real life stories

August 23, 2015

Stories stitch humans together. Stories are meant to be shared as every story has a message. Let me share 2 opposite real life experience stories which made me wonder How bizarre this world is.   CRUEL SIDE OF THE WORLD It was around 2 years back when I was working in Gurgaon. I, along with my roommate had rented a studio apartment and my Roommate’s Mother came to stay with us for few days. One bad day when……

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