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That’s when a real father was born #shortpoem

December 19, 2015

Motherhood is a sweet experience in itself and so does Fatherhood. Much is written about the Mothers – Role of her Touch, Love and Care. While we are busy attending the newborn, we tend to ignore the Father’s role in the first year of Child’s growth. Fathers too nurture, care and interact but in their own style. Each one of us normally portray Father and Child after the child transforms from an Infant to a Kid and keep aside that…

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Unforgettable loving letters from Father

August 23, 2015

Today I want to share my life’s most complex relationship i.e. with my father. Complex because it looks strained from outside but smoother inside just like a Coconut. As a child, He was like a visitor to me who visit us once a year. He wasn’t along with us till I was 11 as he was away for job but his timely letters make me feel loved even today. I never liked his absence for many reasons. Every year, I…

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