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Once in my bucket list: My first marathon

November 29, 2016
first marathon

There’s nothing in the world like running your first marathon. Yesterday, I ran the Adidas Uprising Marathon which was once in my Bucket list. It was marathon for fun rather than competitive and It took me 40 minutes to ran approx. 3 miles (5 kms). My decision to run the marathon was my dream to challenge myself. It was about proving to myself that I could do it.¬†However, along the way, I noticed numerous other things. If you can dream,…

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Cycling in India has taken a backseat

April 11, 2016
cycling in india

CyclyngA rare scene in India is to spot an educated person riding a Bicycle. Once we hop on these fuel-thirsty vehicles, we never look back even once. If you are an Indian, you will get my point. We Indians have this habit of relating all the things with the financial status. If one can afford a 4-wheeler, why shall he keep a 2 wheeler or If one can afford a fueled 2 wheeler, Why Cycle?? You agree with me, Don’t…

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