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Delayed Gratification: Because we all want everything quick

November 19, 2020
Importance of delayed gratification

This post “importance of delayed gratification” first appeared on my podcast channel –Comeback Minimalist. Audio version- Do you feel kicked or motivated when you have your morning coffee or when your social media post gain more likes or when you buy something in your wish list? These all are examples of Gratification which is defined as pleasure or satisfaction. Let me share something about “Marshmallow experiment“. It’s an experiment where children were asked to choose between a smaller treat, which…

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Launching Gratitude Journal App on World Gratitude Day “Gratitude Pie”

September 5, 2018
journal app

Gratitude does not come easily to me. For me, it takes an effort to see the good hidden behind the unfavourable situations and distressing circumstances. I was introduced to this magical thing, called “Gratitude” by Vidya Sury.  I started writing monthly gratitude journal but I realized that I needed something on daily basis to keep myself positive and sane. Writing a gratitude journal daily was not getting happened while I have to juggle with Job and Kids. And then one…

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Mistakes I made for my crowd-funding campaign

February 22, 2018
crowdfunding mistakes

In December 2017, I set out to launch my first crowdfunding campaign to fund the idea of a mobile App. An App is a Pie-style Gratitude Journal which helps to write down grateful moments on a daily basis. To know more about the App- GRATITUDE PIE APP For any crowdfunding campaign, you need a platform that supports your project, help you reach people and make it look trustworthy. After much research, I chose Bitgiving majorly because of 2 reasons- It…

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May 27, 2017

I am trying to put this habit of writing Gratitude journal into practice. We all have our Gratitude moments; small or big. It does not come easy but with practice – We need to look around for the things which make our Life easy or make us thankful. Moreover rather than cribbing for the things that won’t work out, its a great way to look back at the month by counting the blessings. If you have not tried it, I…

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Feeling Gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it

May 5, 2017
april gratitude list

Its strange how someone’s presence make us forget the Past life. A married couple who once feels complete with each others presence in their lives, could not imagine their lives without their Kid now. It started feeling like as if their life was incomplete which was once fulfilled. Bizarre, Right? We have felt that way. Though, we never felt as if something is missing before but now, Life seems more fulfilling and promising. Its seems yesterday our little one was…

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Fresh from my Gratitude journal

November 30, 2016
i am grateful for

December is here. I admit I am crossing my fingers wishing the year to end soon. Its not that 2016 holds nothing good but it was disturbing on personal fronts. It was like a turbulent Sea and now, I want to relish the calm currents. Its yesterday when my long-time colleague and I were discussing the affect Time had on each of us. He is one of the persons who always have honest opinions about everything and I was happy…

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