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How to ensure baby brain development as a Working Mother?

March 22, 2018
mom going back to work

Among many dilemmas faced by a working mom going back to work is the development of the baby: physically and emotionally.   At this early stage of their life, parents need to be vigilant so that we can ensure proper development of both receptive skills and expressive skills. Receptive skill is the ability to understand words and language whereas expressive skill is how one expresses his or her wants and needs.   6 factors that can help working mom going…

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Little dose of self-care : ME time

October 3, 2016
me time

Yes, I am a Mother who need some ME time, some fun time and some relax time. Sounds selfish? Its something I am not guilty for- Why should I if I give my 100% to my Kid when I am along with him. I want to brighten up each moment I spend with my Kid. This won’t happen if I am not happy. I need ME time to make myself HAPPY and in return, to make my KID happy. First…

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