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How Community Kitchens are binding all religions

July 13, 2016
community kitchens

Sharing food is as old as time itself. When we share food, it draw us closer to Humanity and to the Creator. To feed Hungry is one of the commonest ways to serve Humanity. It eliminates hatred and cultivate Love among people irrespective of the caste and creeds. Community kitchens (also called collective kitchens) are community-based cooking programs where groups of people come together to prepare meals and serve others. It binds people together. At a time when religious intolerance…

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Hospitals and missing Hospitality

February 24, 2016

Hospitals should be packed with Positive vibes that they can surpass the affect of Grief and Sufferings of patients. In one of my previous Posts, I shared my experience of a day spent in Hospital. A helping hand is missing in Indian Government hospitals and latest experience of my Family proves that true. Few days back, one of my Maternal Aunt was diagnosed with swelling in Kidneys. She referred a private Doctor who advised her to undergo a small surgery.…

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