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Foods to include in your Kid’s Diet in Monsoons

July 8, 2019
foods in monsoon season

Monsoon is the time when our bodies tend to retain fluids. This weather triggers the spread of diseases. Temperature and Humidity take its toll on our immunity, leaving our bodies susceptible to ailments. There is much more moisture in the air which allows germs to multiply. During this time of the year, intestinal functions, as well as the digestive system, become weak resulting in slow metabolism. Diet is the only thing we can control. So, do not let weather taking…

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An Interview with Gayatri Gandhi, founder of Joy Factory

May 10, 2019
An interview with Konmari certified Gayatri Gandhi

Joy Factory is a one-of-its-kind professional Clutter Management Company helping individuals in organizing and establishing tidying processes for their premises. Joy Factory is India’s only Konmari certified firm. Founded in August 2017 by Gayatri Gandhi, Joy Factory offers decluttering and organizing solutions based on JF’s own unique C2S2 (Collect, Choose, Scrap, Store) approach and the world-renowned KonMari Method(TM) of Decluttering & Organizing. 1. What is the KonMari Method? The world-renowned KonMari Method of tidying and organizing has been developed by…

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Don’t let their gender become the hindrance in the learning

May 7, 2019
gender roles

Gender roles are ingrained in our social system and this affects the learning to the extent that Girls and Boys are raised believing that they can’t do the other’s Job better. We, Parents, are our Kid’s role models and they believe everything we try to teach them. This is why we should be extra careful while raising them. Its our duty to not let their Gender become a hindrance in their way of learning. No work at Home should be…

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Superstitions! How you make them work?

December 18, 2018
how superstitions work

Are superstitions true? or Do superstitions really work?   Superstitions won’t work by themselves. We make them work. Just like magic performed by a magician. Magic is nothing if we don’t believe it. We make Magic work by believing in it.   How do superstitions work? Superstitions are related to our behavior. We, Humans, tend to relate everything, tracks down our daily happenings and make connections. For example– If we fall sick, we try to think about our activities in…

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My first Crowdfunding Campaign

December 1, 2017
first crowdfunding campaign

Today, I launched my first crowdfunding campaign using Bitgiving. It all started with an idea to create “A happy self”. With the beginning of the new year 2017, I started exploring Gratitude on the advice of other Bloggers including Vidya Sury. I began with monthly gratitude but realized that I would need it more frequently. I preferred writing Gratitude Journal but it was not as easy as it sounds because it takes time and effort. It was July when I…

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The fault in our upbringing

October 25, 2017
gender roles in society

When I observe the evolution both Genders have experienced in the past few years- I see Men lagging behind. Do not take me wrong but really, this is what I see from my end. Did anyone hear any man gaining superpowers after becoming a Father? But I am sure you must have heard many women talking about acquiring Superpowers after becoming Mothers. This is where we go wrong. We always set too-high, unrealistic expectations from Self.   Why we always…

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How to celebrate girl child day

October 11, 2017
girl child day

Do not reject us, Celebrate us   More than 5,00,000 girls are killed in India every year even before they are born. Each year 2 million girls between the ages of 5 – 15 are trafficked, sold or coerced into the sex trade worldwide.   These stats break my heart.   To improve these stats, UN has decided to celebrate girl child day each year since 2011. Let’s celebrate girl child day and contribute a little towards their safe and…

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Can you choose a better option when it comes to Love or Arranged Marriage?

October 3, 2017
Love or Arranged marriage

Love or Arranged Marriage? Ask me which is better and I will tell you- None. Okay, Jokes apart but Marriage is something which is always a debatable topic. If you are a south Asian especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, you have 1 more reason to debate over Marriages- Love or Arranged marriage? It’s like asking the person to choose between two same distant paths taking to the single destination.   Mine is Love Marriage but that doesn’t…

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Prevent Kids depression and suicide by preparing them for bad patches in Life

August 31, 2017
how to overcome adversity

No matter how liberal we have become in our thoughts, youth suicidal attempts are on the increase. The biggest cause of youth deaths here is due to suicide, followed by Road accidents and tuberculosis.   A Teen, who is as fresh as daisy, as keen as mustard, suddenly take such a huge and punishing step. Wonder why? Difficulty to cope up with competition in studies, needing to belong to their tribe, the parental pressure or demand of space for freedom.…

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