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Best memories of Raksha Bandhan

July 30, 2019

Raksha Bandhan had always been my favorite festival. This is the only occasion when families get together to celebrate the pure bond between Siblings. Gifts, sweets and homecooked delicacies were the things we always looked forward to as Kids. But what I cherish now is the bond we shared, love we showed and care we had for each other. There are so many memories linked to this festival but there are some which are my favorite. It was 2011 Rakhsha…

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Dwindling Festival Gleam

October 27, 2016
indian festival of lights

How are you planning to celebrate the Indian festival of lights? Its Diwali time again and childhood memories have already started whirling around. Lighting lighting everywhere…Its like a tonic to the eyes and mind. There is an Aroma in the air – Fragrances of Sweets and Essence. I personally love this generation old tradition of gifting your loved ones. The excitement and joy wrapped up in these add to the gleam of the festival. Sometimes, It seems like a Barter…

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