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Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity #QuotedStories

August 1, 2017
what is luck

What is luck?   A famous quote by Seneca holds the crux-                 Among a batch of 200 new joiners, I was the first one to get into a project when I joined a Job in 2010. Many said that “You are lucky” but the truth is something else. I said Yes to the offered opportunity at once when everyone was reluctant to join for a support role. Winning lottery or hitting a…

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My Sunday started early

April 12, 2016
my sunday

Every Monday- we have a favorite topic to discuss in Office “My Sunday“. This time I was too excited to share my Sunday experience with all. I have never been an early riser. Thanks to my just-perfect Office timings and my Toddler. I am not the one who is a live motivation to “How do you start your day?”. Albeit, I love the morning weather but this love of mine never overpowered my will. But yesterday was different. I don’t…

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