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Minimalist living with Kids; without making them feel deprived

October 29, 2020
Minimalism with Kids

Minimalism with Kids is possible without making your Kids feel deprived. There are some easy ways which you can use to bring the change slowly and effectively. You would ask “Why shall I convince my family and kids to follow Minimalism?”. Because you don’t want your Kids to focus on stuff but on experiences. Because you want them to enjoy nature more than screens and shopping. Because you want them to value people rather than things. But it’s not as…

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How Lockdown is turning us towards Minimalism?

April 23, 2020
Minimalism in lockdown

With Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown, we all are trying our best to cope up. Some are struggling financially, some are struggling mentally and some are struggling each day as they are locked down, away from their homes or loved ones. It’s been a month now that Malls are closed, Supermarkets are non-functional and now when we are only buying the essentials, we are forced to live minimally. Not only we are minimizing our material needs but we have minimized our…

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A Year of Minimalism- My learnings and experience

December 27, 2017

Beginning 2017, I set “Minimalism” as my Motto.   It was a year I experienced simple and minimalist living, out of choice. I spent less, I was more mindful, I chose freedom above anything else. To chart out a path for myself, I researched about it more and more and ended up writing a Book “A-Z of Minimalism” The Book helped me to discover the areas of my Life that need Minimalism.   Minimalism is not replacing the colorful things…

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What do you want to be known for?

June 17, 2017
what do you want to be known for

Ask a child “What do you want to become when grown up?” and you will find different answers each time. When I was a child and someone would ask me this question- I said “I want to become a Teacher” but the reason was weird – I said “because I want to punish naughty Kids”. Its not that I was not the naughty one but again how can you expect a logical answer from a 5 year old. But being…

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Yoga Lifestyle off the mat

April 29, 2017
yoga lifestyle

I always wanted to adapt to yoga lifestyle after I crossed my mid 20s. Its been more than 4 years but I could not be able to practice it on daily basis. and then I read something which made me realized that Yoga Lifestyle does not only mean on-mat but can be practiced in off-mat Life too.   Yoga is not only about doing asanas and sweating out. Its about balancing your mind and heart.   Being Honest with self…

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How to be Free? Create some white space

April 27, 2017
how to be free

How to be free in this Era when we like being overwhelmed all the time? First thing- Stop using to-do lists and filling up every single minute of your day.   Add some white space into your days: A small nap Do-nothing but only sit still Alone time Spending few minutes daily to learn something new; non-work related Deep Breathing   We all should create enough white space in our days, in our calendar, in our minds for more joy,…

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Luxury and Minimalism

April 14, 2017
luxury needs

When we mention our Luxury needs, we think about buying a new and latest product, We think Consumerism. Luxuries of the past becomes necessities of the present. Luxury and Minimalism can ho hand-in-hand. You ask How when Minimalism itself means Less stuff. We all want to own Stuff but the aim here is to not own anything but best for you, for your family. When you own best, small things will also be counted in Luxury. Minimalist Luxury does not…

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Approach towards Minimalist journey

April 1, 2017

Minimalist journey starts with deciding your approach towards the simplified Life. Each one of us cannot apply this Minimalism theory in the same way as we all are different, our Lives are different, our professions are different and our priorities are different. Understanding your Life and the areas that need cleansing is the first thing to do. For some, Adventure is more important rather than having a Library at Home. For some, it may be traveling which is more important…

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A-Z of becoming a Minimalist #AtoZChallenge

March 20, 2017
becoming a minimalist

“Becoming a minimalist is about Eliminating the Unnecessary” I can see myself sorted out this Year and so is my Blogging Life. I am bitten by the bug of Minimalism this year. As I am trying to follow Minimalist Lifestyle step by step, I am sharing my experiences on the way. Pin it for the future- Becoming a Minimalist No, this journey is not easy as its not only things that create clutter but the difficult people, bad words and…

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