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Kids getting Dirty are rare species- Let them not extinct

July 30, 2018
kids getting dirty

Kids playing outdoors and Kids getting dirty has become a rare scene. No wonder when a guy who noticed my Son playing and rolling¬†in the stones and sand lying out in one corner of the Park, started recording him. I was not surprised but my Son was. He asked me “Mumma, why he was making a video of mine” I said to myself “because Kids like you are endangered species” and smiled back.   Are Screens the only culprit or…

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5 ways to enjoy Holi with Toddlers

February 27, 2018
holi with Toddlers

Holi is around the corner and why don’t we as Parents of Toddlers have some fun? Holi being the festival of colors is the favorite among children. Let’s make this festival more fun for them.   Activities to enjoy Holi with Toddlers You can enjoy these easy fun activities with your Kids.   Say it with Flowers Flowers perfect for Hoil are- Marigold, Rose, Petunia, Golden Shower Crush them in your hands to add colors or sprinkle them over each…

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Painting with edible finger paint: MESSY PLAY ACTIVITY

September 5, 2016
edible finger paint

Sunday is a perfect day to try out fun activities at home and when you are a Parent to a Toddler- You constantly have to search for the activities which keeps them busy. [clickandtweet handle=”@lifebioscope” hashtag=”#kids,#fun,#painting” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Do you want your Kid to enjoy painting?[/clickandtweet] Who does not but safety always comes first. Having an oral sensory seeker in the house who puts everything in mouth, makes me more reluctant to try something non-edible. Finger paints are among the…

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